I have felt every painful emotion there is. This time around it’s been different, betrayal, disbelief, and confusion surrounding everyone I love. I hope you read this and I mean every word, maybe you’ll even believe me for once. (Also this is my pov on this) not that any of you have asked. July : I saw him, he was riding his bike over the beach bridge and boy have I liked him for a while. There was something about him, he was quiet and kept to himself, I had to know more about him. We started talking and I felt different around him, somewhat safe. August: We are dating! Sure he doesn’t take me out on dates or do much but he’s nice and I’ll take it. At this point I’m sooo into this boy I had opened up ab stuff and school was starting. This seemingly sweet boy was “perfect...
Olá a todos. São 07:57 (em Belém, PA, Brasil) enquanto eu escrevo isso, e faz mais ou menos uma hora que eu recebi a triste notícia do falecimento da minha querida prima. Foi quase um ano de luta com ela, que começou em fevereiro, com dores renais, até hoje, uma insuficiência respiratória. O dia começou chuvoso, já antecipando o que estava por vir. Hoje não há condições de eu comparecer aos servidores que eu frequento no Discord, e por isso peço perdão a todos. Um bom dia e um bom domingo. _________________ Hello everybody. It's 7:57 am (in Belém, PA, Brazil) as I write this, and it's been about an hour since I received the sad news of my dear cousin's passing. It was almost a year of struggle with her, which started in February, with kidney pain, until today,...
After months of dealing with the pain, I have come to the realization that most of what I felt is due to the fact that the person I once loved doesn't exist at all. You are an illusion. An idea I created in my mind based on what you try to portray. I believed you, I trusted you and in the end, I got betrayed. But that's ok inspite of all the sufferings. I know God loves me for finally getting rid you out of my life. Because he knows how you are a disaster who wants me to tolerate all the things that you have done even if it's so wrong. Funny how you easily escaped everything and come out clean like you never make someone suffer, like you are the victim. And truth be told, how you try to paint all the wrong things you did with rose colored lies. You can act all good for now, keep on...
I thought for a long time before writing this letter, and I almost didn't want to. We don't know each other, but you could never imagine how much you have done for me just by existing. I have never seen even one episode of Game of Thrones, yet I can safely call myself "another fish caught in your net." This is also because I have seen all the films in the Terminator Saga. In fact, I am one of those people in the world who can claim to know about the existence of Game of Thrones because of Emilia Clarke and not vice versa. Yes, because you, Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke, are capable of becoming like an irresistible drug to anyone who even casually crosses your facial lineaments. This is nothing. Not only are you beautiful and you have rightly been voted the sexiest woman on the...
Even here, i wasn't sure of what to say. But I'm going to try my best to write what i truly feel right now. I've been living my life as if I am happy to what i have become. I've been studious ever since i was a kid. But i guess i was not truly happy that time. But still, I did my best to not disappoint my family. Same scenario on my high school life. Been Studying as if I am happy. I entered college with a course that is 3rd on my list. First choice, culinary arts. It's my dream to be a chef. I love cooking
There have been a lot of turning points in my life. I have started down paths with the best intentions and I’ve made wrong turns that I thought were right. 1 year ago, I left my life and everything in it behind and started over. You could say I was correcting a wrong turn I had made about 5 years prior. But the truth is it was more than a little course correcting. This time I chose to drive right off the cliff and hope there was something better at the bottom. At the very least, I’d let it all burn and I’d scrape and climb my way back to the top. You see it takes looking at your life and truly hating everything it has become to realize that you have nothing left to lose. He did that, ya know… made me hate everything. Especially myself. But this isn’t a sad story. Because remember… I...
I am just writing this letter while playing a song, line without a hook.. is just that, I turning 34.
The seeds of winter, ice and snow have been sowen. Too little too late. Too much unknown.
Sooo this is my first open letter, before anything else I would want to ask you to not mind my spellings and grammars cause I know I suck but still I want to put up my sentiments. However, if u think I really suck with writing my letter feel free to call me out and teach me the proper way (hope it'll be in a respectful way though hihi).
Playing too humble will have overlooked, underpaid, and underbooked! Talk your shit, move like you it and let them people be uncomfortable.