Open Letter To PM Justin Trudeau & G20 Leaders Meeting In Hangzhou, China RE: American Election Fraud

Subject: Open Letter To PM Justin Trudeau & G20 Leaders Meeting In Hangzhou, China RE: American Election Fraud
From: American Author, Former Federal Agent & Whistle Blower
Date: 4 Sep 2016

Open Letter To PM Trudeau & The G20 Leaders In Hangzhou,

I am writing today to all of you as a whistle-blower of American crimes and corruption, a former political prisoner of the United States who was tortured physically and mentally for 90 days (almost drowned for refusing to sign false documents), a former U.S. Treasury agent, U.S. Department of Justice employee/witness to rapes, murders, money laundering, and drug smuggling by U.S. officials. I have been forcibly exiled to China following a fake extradition attempt and an attempted “rendering’. I worked two years for a now-defunct U.S. front company whose mission was to open secret Panama bank account for U.S. and friendly but corrupt foreign officials at Morgan & Morgan, the Panama facilitators who opened off-shore trusts and accounts for Jeb Bush as well as friends and the brother of Hillary Clinton.

I am also a writer of a book and various editorials that are critical of U.S. foreign policies some of which can be read at My book manuscripts were seized at gunpoint by the FBI in Cleveland, Ohio without any warrants nor court orders. Much of what I have written online has been hacked/deleted. But some still remains.

I have been forcibly separated from my Canadian family for 8 years and my wife and I have both been terrorized by American government thugs including multiple death threats and shootings of our family home in a Toronto Suburb as you can see from these photos. I have not seen my wife nor young sons in 5 years. One of my boys is autistic and needs a full-time father.

I have been electronically isolated censored and my international calls and emails have been blocked. What I share with you today has been confirmed to be true in full or part by former Chief Justice LeSage, former RCMP superintendent Ben Soave, 4 honest RCMP officials, 2 honest DEA agents, Former FBI supervisor Ted Gunderson, former CIA operative Chip Tatum, and former SEC top Insider trading investigator John P. Wheeler, who along with two of my friends/witnesses were murdered by people known to me.

Although what I tell you now may seem bizarre it is verifiable and will check out to any unbiased investigator to be true. I am also willing to take an pass a polygraph examination in China administered by a non-government entity selected at random. My information to share with you and the world is that;

The U.S. government via it’s corrupt agents and officials including retired FBI agent Terry Nelson, Jeb Bush, The Clintons, Jack Goldberg, Ross Fischetti, and Pierre Jeanette have smuggled more than $1B of cocaine (wholesale value) into Canada and the U.S. during the 1990s as I reported to both the FBI and Hillary Clinton.

I was inadvertently present when Felix Rodriguez discussed the assassination plans of a young Hugo Chavez in 1995 after Chavez was just released from a Venezuela prison. They decided to try and bribe him first, so he would not have to be killed. There were also 3 Venezuelans involved in the plan as well.

I was asked to deliver $1.25 million payment to Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush in 1996 from a former U.S. Department of Justice official who was trying to obtain the early release or new trial of General Manuel Noriega who was former business partners with George H. Bush.

I traveled to Zurich, Switzerland on behalf of my old friend Thomac C. Coury (now deceased) and his business partner Prince Bandar for a transaction stopped by the Swiss authorities. I had two telephone conversations with Prince Bandar, one with Tom Coury and one privately. I was not told the truth of my trip until I met the Swiss authorities. I also met with Heinrich Rupp, a retired German pilot related to the same matter.

In 1996-1998 I gave FBI Special Agent Maury Berthon of Miami, Florida (now retired in New Orleans) specific files and bank account numbers of 389 Americans who made off-shore investments in Panama and the Bahamas, through American Financial Group including about 100 government officials of the American government and the brother of Hillary Clinton.

In 1995 I personally met with Juan David Morgan (of Morgan & Morgan) Former DoJ Executive Edward Chism, Richard Callahan, and staff from American Financial Group, and three potential Colombian clients at Fisher Island in Miami for roughly 4 hours.

I sent by Fedex courier specific information about Saudi financiers of terrorism on September 15, 2001 to FBI director Robert Mueller with copies to Senator Hillary Clinton, FBI Special Agent Tom Doktor, and Senator Joseph Biden along with a video and audio tape. See:!

I sought sanctuary in Canada with my Canadian wife following multiple death threats in 1999.I filed a refugee claim in Canada through the law office of Marshal Drukarsh and said refugee claim was ignored for 8 years.

Three days after visiting the Toronto offices of Amnesty international I was “detained” by Immigration Canada “at the specific request of the U.S. justice department” and illegally detained in maximum security lock-down for 10.5 months without being charged with any crime in any country. I gave Amnesty information about torture and murder of American prisoners like Ralph Steele who was beaten to death by U.S. officials and then falsely reported to have committed suicide at MCC Miami.

I made Rhan Khan of the UNHRC in Toronto aware of my plight and she persuaded me to file a refugee claim in Geneva, Switzerland which I did. Upon filing that claim, I was advised that it would be held for future processing but only after I exhausted all legal remedies in America, when in fact I had no more funds remaining for yet more lawyers and when I was prohibited from leaving Canada by both the Superior Court of Ontario and Immigration Canada who issued court orders advising me not to leave the Province of Ontario.

I have knowledge of secret off-shore Enron dealings with a former U.S. Vice-President whose lawyer met with my former Canadian friend and neighbor John Pierre Gonyou about a year before Gonyou was murdered and disguised as a “drug overdose”. That VP bought $10 million of unregistered Enron shares in a private sale of shares.

I personally was asked to deliver cash and documents from the President of American Financial Group (Ed Chism) for his personal friend, client, and partner General Manuel Noriega. I also met Mrs. Noriega at the offices of AFG where I worked in 1995 & 1996.

I met President Bill Clinton in 1997 at the Bal Harbor Sheraton in Miami Beach, Florida and that night he attempted to purchase an evening with my Chinese assistant for $3,000. Above is a photo from that evening.

I had a brief 2001 telephone conversation with Hillary Clinton who accidentally shared with me her dislike for a “Nigger Wayne”, and an assistant of her’s told me my legal problems would disappear if I hired a certain lawyer with a $500,000 retainer. (I would not have hired him even if I had the money at the time)

In 2006, I wrote and sent this letter to PM Stephen Harper which caused me to have dinner with a female associate of his in Toronto.

I met an befriended a German national arms dealer by the name of Karlheinz Schreiber who was also targeted for a false extradition from Canada and after a 3 year friendship with Karl I realized the real reason he was detained had almost nothing to do with taxes, and more about high-tech weaponry the U.S. did not want him selling. Karl and I were detained by Immigration Canada in the same cell for 6 months and I can provide his personal unlisted telephone numbers to any investigative reporters. It was America who pressured Germany and Canada to take Karl out of circulation, and they did - for almost a decade.

My current information is that the U.S. government has developed and deployed illegal and unethical biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons that are now in sovereign foreign lands and waters without the knowledge or consent of those host nations, including the South China Sea. Likewise illegal space weapons were deployed by the X37 and former space shuttle designed to attack both satellites and terrestrial targets. I personally met one of the inventors of one of these weapons.

I was contacted personally and by telephone here in China by agents of the U.S. government who threatened to kill my family if I ever attempted to return to the legal jurisdictions of America and Canada. They also arranged to put me on a “no-fly list” so that I could not return to my family in Canada and then took me off the list only after my passport expired.

Some of the agents who visited me in China were honest and did in fact attempt to help me, yet others claimed to be helping me but only focused on obtaining a witness list and other information from me. I have 29 recorded conversations with U.S. officials some of which I have entrusted with foreign governments where I have sought asylum and/or validation of my situation.

I advised the Chinese authorities of my situation over 3 years ago after my apartment was burglarized in 2012 and a fire-bomb was discovered before it was detonated. That same evening I discovered someone planted about .5 kilo of low grade heroin in my bedroom and after photographing it, I flushed it down the toilet.

I personally gave FBI special agent Maury Berthon roughly 90 pages of Southern Bell phone bills from American Financial Group to the FBI which showed collect calls from General Noriega in a Miami prison, calls to Kennebunkport, Silver Springs, Falls Church, and to 202-456-3345 (White House extension). One or two calls were to the personal residence of Donald Gregg.

I previously worked 2 years with a former CIA economic analyst named David H. Siegel who admitted once being part of “Team China” and he shared with me over a dozen dirty tricks “Team China” had devised to destabilize China’s economy, create chaos and distrust of the Chinese leadership, and sabotage their stock market and electronic banking on a nation-wide basis. I wrote about this in Chapter 26 of my book manuscripts that were illegally seized.

When I was an FAA air traffic controller, I also met murder victim, Phil Schneider who was under contract to design and build underground military bases for the U.S. government. At the time I met him I did not give his claims much thought, but I now realize that what he said to me confirms what was said publicly by U.S. astronauts Buzz Aldrin and former Canadian defense minister Paul Helyer.

One of my lawyers in Toronto was paid to sabotage my case in Toronto when it was clear that I had plenty of evidence and 9 alibi witnesses and recordings or government officials. Read this Law Society complaint if you wish to know the details of this corrupt lawyer; The exhibits document my claims as can former MP Paul Szabo, and Elias Hazineh who was the aide to MP Omar Alghabra at the time.

I am stating all this for the record as I publicly appeal to Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada to reunite me with my family in Canada where I need to raise my children. I will gladly be deposed under oath publicly if PM Trudeau so wishes. To the other G20 leaders I want you all to be keenly aware I have in the past reported and exposed 12 government and 3 corporate crimes, and I want to warn all of you that the American government we have today DOES NOT REPRESENT THE WILL OF “WE THE PEOPLE” but rather the elite bankers and those they sponsor to serve their selfish interests. The American people that are knowledgeable about the TPP are firmly against it. As you all saw with the Bernie Sanders fiasco, and as confirmed independently by Wikeleaks, Anonymous, Glenn Greenwald, Greg Palast, and Daniel Hopsiker, election fraud has prevailed in America, thanks primarily to great censorship efforts of the mainstream media.

Today I will commence a hunger strike in public protest of the internal political manipulations the Wall Street and Central banksters have unleashed against the world and the American people. I will not eat again until I am safe with my wife and children in Canada. I assure you that "We The People" will not go down without a fight. Thanks to the murders of Seth Rich, Aaron Swarz, FBI Wall Street informant Al Chalem, reporter Michael Hastings, SEC investigator John Wheeler and other witnesses, the courage of Julian Assange, and daring of Anonymous, the boiling frogs of America are now being rescued to stage an American Spring if YOU do not insist that block chain technology be used globally as prevention against election fraud in America and elsewhere.

Should anything “unusual” happen to me or my loved ones, I have provided 8 gb of data, recordings, and photos to trusted friends in 7 countries to make available online and to every ambassador in the world, and selected media outlets who have proved they are not for sale.

Since you are all meeting in China, I will leave you with this observation I have made after 12 years of research I completed on the U.S. news media. The biggest threat to the world right now is not Muslims, is not China,, is not Russia, but rather the Central bankers, their Wall Street lapdogs, and the White House hired guns whose job is to fool the masses long enough to get their way with the economies of the world. The selfish and criminal NWO schemes and agenda will not work in Russia, China, Iran, India, and fortunately Presidents Putin and Xi are neither as stupid, gullible, nor as intimidated as George Soros, Hillary, and their pals would like them to be.

We the people have had enough corruption, collusion and trickery. We want OUR old America back and we hope the G20 leaders will be part of the solution and compel America to join the International Criminal Court and impose sanctions against them until they do, and ditto for the Israelis who continue to harass and persecute the Palestinian forced to suffer and struggle for no legitimate reason. Force them to STOP the American Drone Terrorism that has killed over 400 innocent children and counting. These illegal drone strikes are creating more terrorists than any other single factor – not Isis/.

How many more millions refugees have to be created before all of us tell Obama – STOP! Nobody asked America to be the policeman of the world.??? We need to focus on fixing America before we tell another country what to do!

They may kill me and Julian too, but others will take our place and continue the noble efforts of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Anonymous and the truthers, who we now know, were telling us all the gospel truth about 911 as recently confirmed by former Senator Bob Graham, Jesse Ventura, and the researchers at in Canada. We cannot be fooled any longer. Only Censorship now stops world peace, something Hillary and her banker friends do not want. After all, Mssrs. Bush and Cheney proved beyond any doubt that Wars are indeed profitable. Their cronies earned over $39 Billion in profits from the fabricated war in Iraq - all based lies.

Btw… if you good people stumble across America’s missing $6 Trillion, would you kindly return 90% of it and keep the other 10% as your reward? Thank you sincerely for your indulgence.

Respectfully yours,,

Bruce A. Gorcyca
Exiled In China

P.S. Ambassador Zerpa knows how to contact me if you need copies of recordings, or any specific confirmations or information needed to verify any of the above.

To Mrs. Wheeler, I thank you for the noble efforts of your husband Jack who did his very best to expose my dilemma and 911/WTC7 cover-up and the incident with Dick Cheney and the Air Force generals who said “no’ to him. John was a man of complete integrity and honor. I believe his murder will never be allowed to officially solved.

Oh, almost forgot, I have been smeared by these criminals for almost a decade now and here is some proof so you will not be fooled with the red herring allegations.

Enjoy Hangzhou, one of China’s most beautiful cities. Unlike Mrs. Clinton, President Xi is an honorable man of his word who can be trusted to be truthful and ethical.