Confessions Of An American Pedophile...

Subject: Confessions Of An American Pedophile...
From: Former Federal, Military Vet, & Fortune 500 Exec Agent Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 2 Sep 2015

To all prospective whistle-blowers of the world... should you ever decide to accuse any corrupt American government official or a crooked lawyer in cahoots with a corrupt government official, be prepared to be massively smeared on line and even be labeled "a wanted pedophile"

"WANTED in Canada
Case# 98-50322
Child molestation. Mr.Bruce Gorcyca is a known child molester taking advantage of young boys. Historically, his preference includes ages five to twelve years.
His last known address was in Beijing, China with an out of date passport; he is currently trying to acquire a fake passport through corrupt channels.
If you see this man, please consider him highly dangerous and aggressive. Immediately notify authorities and call the Beijing Police Department.

by SteveBowden January 4, 2010 10:32 PM"

The above case number is totally fake. There is no "pedophile" case or any legitimate link to any pedophile activity, but you have to admit, pedophile accusations get your attention right.

The reason some evil people want to smear and will others to help them do it, is explained here at

So, according to what you read about me on the internet I am either a veteran whistle-blower for over 25 years or a “wanted pedophile in Canada”. Those who I exposed or tried to expose in the past and present have done a great job of making me look like some despicable criminal character they hope you will not believe. Why a pedophile? Because they want to alienate me from the world knowing that for years I have coached kids soccer and little league baseball. Who is more easy to hate than a pedophile? Yet the case number they publish anonymously online 98-50322 does not exist. It never existed. It is a complete fabrication because they know most people are too lazy to contact the RCMP in Canada to check.

Some of these clever trolls even use Z mail to create fake emails I supposedly sent, and one guy even used my name and photo to open a fake account at a China expat forum to write a bogus “confession”. See: The real me confessed to nothing but stupidity for ever working for Uncle Sam in the first place.

Those doing the smearing include a variety of people I exposed for frauds, theft, murder, rapes, smuggling and extortion over the past 30 years in my role as a U.S. federal investigator/agent and most of the crimes were committed by my colleagues and then promptly covered up. Since they cannot deny or disprove the facts of the allegations I made, their only option is to smear me so that I will not be believed. Here is a summary of the crimes I exposed in the past summarized in a short form, some of which were successfully exposed in newspapers and national TV (like the Dow Chemical fiasco in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and the Red Cross HIV tainted blood and the shutdown of their blood banks in the early 90s)

But when the American news media today is controlled by no more than six companies and my family gets death threats and our home and car get shot up, it is not easy to force the truth to the surface especially when almost every witness gets threatened, commits suicide, or dies in some strange and sudden accident. Ted Gunderson (FBI Supervisor) was poisoned, Chip Tatum (Former CIA guy) was like me, arrested on phony charges and jailed, Mike Rupert (LA Detective) supposedly committed suicide, and Michael Hastings (an investigative reporter) died from a car bomb. Most of us were trying to expose the same crimes that overlapped one another.

Here is it friends… None of the Wall Street Banksters are ever arrested because they launder drug monies through the stock market at the rate of $1 Billion per month for families that are or were in public office, including 2 members of the Bush family, who have an entire network of brokers, bankers, smugglers, and corrupt federal agents around the world who shield them from “problems” and exposure. I befriended two people who worked inside this criminal enterprise, a pilot named Curt Emmer, and a “front man” name Erling Ingvaldsen who became one of my best friends. Erling was forced to work for these scumbags who they first arrested and sentenced him to 30+ years in prison on fake charges, and then offer him his freedom if he worked for them. Only one out of 2 dozen deals was a real sanctioned sting (they needed at least one real arrest to justify his release to the courts). From then on he worked for one of the biggest drug smugglers in the world – Corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson, who was forced to officially retire after the world learned he was caught red-handed with a load of cocaine in Regina, Canada on an Saskatchewan Indian reservation in 1997. He was actually arrested and charged and given bail. But Terry jumped bail and he court case was sealed despite the protests of the local Canadian Mounties.

Chip Tatum (former CIA) publicly admitted that he met Terry Nelson at the Florida home of the Bush family. Erling and I met him through a crooked lawyer named Stephen J. Finta in an effort to recruit us for the Canadian operation. Erling accepted the offer (he really had no choice) and I declined it even though my job (setting up an airstrip and relay/refueling station, and fake air Freight Company in Puerto Rico where I lived for 7 years) would pay $100,000 per month.

But eventually, four years later, I ended up working for one the very companies that “serviced” (laundered their money) without even realizing it for a full year… American Financial Group located in Aventura, Florida less than a mile from my home and a 10 minute walk from where I was recruited by AFG’s President – Fort Apache Marina. AFG was started with $10 million of seed capital from an old friend of George H. Bush – General Manuel Noriega. But I was not aware of the Nelson connection until Steve Finta dropped off $16 million in cash at the office and most of it went into the stock market but $1.25 million was earmarked to jump start the political careers of Katherine Harris and her friend who now wants to be President of America. I was asked to deliver the $1.25 to Ms. Harris in Boca Raton.

After I realized that AFG was just a cut-out company owned by a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Justice Department (Edward Myles Chism) and the CFO was a former CIA analyst (David Siegel), and after meeting Mrs. Noriega in the office, and finally getting cheated out of a huge commission, I reported the company to an honest FBI agent named Maury Berthon in 1996 right after I resigned. Although Maury was intent on arresting the gang, the DoJ had other plans. They transferred Maury from Miami to New Orleans and just allowed AFG to continue operating the laundromat, knowing full well that the real Canadian. German, and American investors in the company’s off-shore investments would get burned. And in 2001 they did.

Someone forgot to tell the SEC that AFG was to be ignored and they issued a press release that could not be erased. Supposedly $87 million was “missing”. I knew better and so did the AFG staff and General Noriega who had over $20 million of his own money co-mingled offshore with the likes of Nelson, Donald Gregg, and of course many tax evading wealthy Americans, Saudis, Canadians, and Latin American investors. The true amount exceeded $150 million. That money could never be allowed to be “found” A deal had to be made to keep everyone quiet. For their silence Chism was in and out of prison in 8 months (when any other American citizen would get at least a 15 year prison sentence) and Siegel was let go with a fine) See:

I moved on with my own company, but less than 3 years later unknowingly became an “introducing broker” to what may now be the biggest insider stock fraud deal of that decade – the Enron affair that resulted in the murders of two of my friends (Canadian John Pierre Gonyou and Scotty Gallin of South Florida) my associate Al Chalem, and someone I had briefly dealt with at AFG – Cliff Baxter and Ken Lay. If you want to believe the BS about a drug overdose, heart attack, mystery plane crash, and mob hit, be my guest. Ted Gunderson, Chip, and I know better. They tried to poison Erling and tried to shoot and suicide me as well. These people are pure evil, and care nothing about our country – only more money.

I sought sanctuary in Canada and although 5 honest Canadian officials admitted I was telling the truth and tried to help me, they were overruled by Ottawa. They used my own lawyer to sabotage my fake extradition defense and although I was able to raise my son for eight years in Canada, I was sent to be locked away in America. See:

But then came a miracle… His name was Senior Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein, the oldest and most honest federal judge in America who dismissed my fake charges and let me return to my family in Canada. So why am I now exiled in China unable to see my wife and kids in six years? For the same reason I am still being smeared and she is still be terrorized in Canada.

So you can believe those who continue to smear me, or you can believe or better yet, do a kick-start project to hire Solicitor Gary Botting to arrange a polygraph examination and take sworn statement from Erling Ingvaldsen and 16 other living witnesses who also know my story is true. But be aware that there is a dirty trick squad with the FBI that hires writers like Gary Weiss to spread disinformation, like he did about the murder of my associate Al Chalem, and the feds can even fabricate emails, documents, and voice recordings as I found out and explained here:

Submiited by:

Bruce Anthony Gorcyca Dimarco
U.S. Military Veteran, Former Federal Agent, & Fortune 500 Exec and 8 year resident of Mississauga
Now Exiled in Beijing China Against My Will

P.S. My skype and mobile number is blocked for international calls compliments of Uncle Sam and although an email may get through to me at [email protected] it is surely read by others. I ended up in China to keep my family and myself alive. I was told I coulf return to my family after 6 months but that was 6 years ago. A very devious attorney that was compromised by Uncle has kept me here in China permanently. Needless to say my family and I need some honest attorneys like Gary Botting or the ACLU to help us reunite and exposé all the evil people that created this situation. No, the photo with Bill is not a photoshop job. I met him at the Bal Harbor Sheraton in 1997 when he thanked me for my volunteer work as an HRS-Certified AIDS counselor... long before my fake extradition and "pedophile" days. See" In this last link, look for the sworn report of Private Investigator Ed Reiken and sworn declarations of Atty. Marshal Drukarsh (2) and 7 other witnesses. It is a sad day in America when no mainstream American media will investigate and expose this mess.