Public Warning! American government is programming our citizens to accept coming war in South China Sea...

Subject: Public Warning! American government is programming our citizens to accept coming war in South China Sea...
From: A former federal agent & whistle-blower
Date: 1 Sep 2016

Just as the entire world witnessed in our shamefully fabricated war and invasion of Iraq, where we were deliberately fed false information about Saddam's invisible "WMDs" and "imminent nuclear threat" so cronies of Bush & Cheney could make a $3 Trillion dollar oil grab, it is now happening again friends... This time on Asia, specifically in the South China Sea.

In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq (against the vehement protests of the UN which officially concluded was an illegal act of war according to five different treaties and international law), certain elements of the western news media were publishing flimsy but scary stories about Iraq's military build up, the unnamed "intelligence sources" that confirmed acquisition of enriched uranium, numerous troop movements, the "evil mind" of the "unpredictable" Saddam Hussein (who btw, was business partners with the Bush family in Black Sea oil deals for almost 20 years to the tune of a $400 million profit - Read IMMACULATE DECEPTION by General Russel Bowen). In short the news media was being used to scare the hell out of us, and make us feel vulnerable. The sneaky ruse worked, and very people in America opposed the fake war that killed over 400,000 innocent civilians, almost 5,000 American troops, and plunged our nation into a trillion dollar debt.

Today we are now being fed the same scary stories about China's "global threat", "expansion schemes" of President Xi Jin Ping, China's goal of "economic domination" and a host of other horror stories being put out daily by three of America's biggest shills, Financial Times, New York Times, and Yahoo News. Not a single day goes by without some subtle or direct "news" that is spun to fit the war agenda of America's wealthy elite that is now trying very hard to ensure Hillary Clinton will be America's next president (as evidenced by the primary election fraud used to deny Senator Sanders his rightful democratic party nomination - proven by doubt by investigators Greg Palast & Daniel Hopsicker. See:

Indeed, China has built up it's military in the last five years and rightfully so. Why? Because we have American military bases in four countries less than 500 miles from Chinese borders with a dozen nuclear submarines within striking distance, with constant provocations of war games and the construction of yet another American Navy base in Australia. The Chinese feel encircled by the U.S. military and we have never had a military conflict with China, so why the huge presence? What we have done in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, etc. would be equivalent to the Chinese putting missile batteries and 500,000 troops on Chinese bases in Cuba, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico. How the hell would that make YOU feel about the Chinese? Would you have a warm and fuzzy feeling of trust? Well then what makes you think the Chinese feel any differently about us?

Now then. let's consider the reality of history. In it's 5,000 year history, China invaded and occupied 22 nations (mostly through the exploits of Genghis Khan) but only left troops in two of these bordering countries which were then annexed to China. By comparison, in less than 250 years of America's history, our troops have invaded and occupied 47 countries and we still have our troops in 23 of this countries of which 9 of them have asked us to leave, and our government ignores their demands. Furthermore, we are the one and only country to ever use nuclear energy as a weapon and we are the only modern day nation caught with illegal secret prisons, foreign kidnappings, (renderings) and torture on foreign soil, and caught using chemical weapons in 2007 in Fallujah, Iraq. None of the above allows any Asian nation to fully trust us, and indeed, all of our Asian "allies" are signing their own secret treaties with China considering our violation of 21 International treaties in the last two decades (Salt II, our illegal drones, Geneva Convention violations, etc.)

So while we are all being fed disinformation about China, the truth of our own misdeeds, treaty violations, and war crimes are being hidden with very effective state censorship. Read.!

Last but not least, please be aware that our government spends over $300 million a year on "Operation Mockingbird" which the CIA even admitted "is a huge success" in manipulating American and foreign opinion by embedding their own mole writers in over 2,000 publications and public forums around the world to distribute and reinforce the propaganda mentioned above. It is estimated that Uncle Sam employs over 500 full time writers, including a German who confessed his role after her retired a few years ago. (They write and spam their work in 7 different languages) Stop rolling your eyes in disbelief and read so you can understand the reality that "Information is the greatest weapon of all"

So after Hillary Clinton steals the election in November with the same election fraud and voter suppression the DNC orchestrated in the Primaries, expect her to ramp up both accusations against China and Russia, because frankly the billionaires who invested in her campaign (The Koch brothers, Warren Buffet, George Soros, The Rothschild bankers, and every defense contractor like Lockheed, Boeing, Grumman, Raytheon, Monsanto, and the Saudis) all profit from war, yet their children do not have to fight in any of them.

So please prepare yourself for what Hillary has in store. Do not be fooled by the hype and hysteria about China, or even a false flag incident, perhaps some mysterious sinking of a Filipino freighter or fishing vessel in the South China Sea. I have live in China almost a decade, and the Chinese are pacifists, but very easy to anger ignite a strong nationalistic core if they feel threatened. Parts of our government (called "Team China) are also working very hard to make the Chinese public feel insecure and vulnerable to American attack. I personally met a TEAM CHINA member over a decade ago and can vouch for their many devious and unethical plans to create chaos within China domestically, just as other similar teams did in Panama, Chile, Argentina, Iran, Australia, Ecuador, etc.

Remember this, since China became a unified Republic in 1949 they have not attacked any foreign nation that it does not share a border with, and never built a military base abroad, nor stationed it's troops abroad. China has no expansion plans, but will vigorously defend incursions into what it considers to be their backyard, just as we in America would do the same. When China wants oil, they do not steal it, they buy it. We may envy them for their economic success, but remember it was our foolish government during the Reagan and Bush regimes that exported 40% of American jobs to China. Is this grounds for some vengeful war? No, but Hillary Clinton and her billionaire buddies want to destabilize China's economy in hopes of saving the U.S. dollar from imminent collapse (Read the best-selling book THE CREATURE FROM JEKYL ISLAND by G.Edward Griffin)

Thanks to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney we now all know that our own government is the master of deception as exemplified by 911 and the Saudi press confirmation that the attack Bush first tried to publicly pin on Saddam was actually an inside job that the Bush family persuaded the Saudis to pay for. How else were they going to steal the 2 Trillion dollars of oil in Iraq?!

And although China will never attack a western country, they are not about to roll-over and wave a white flag if provoked within 1,000 miles of their shoreline. They have an obligation to protect their people and make their population feel safe and secure. Once again, imagine if a foreign government sunk an American fishing boat or tanker in the Gulf of Mexico. Might does not make right and we cannot allow our government to keep imposing their selfish policies (none benefit the American people) at the end of a gun barrel. This is only breeds more contempt and hate for Americans, and ultimately vengeful terrorism from muslim families whose kids or parents were killed "accidentally" by American drones.

The Gold Rule is one that EVERY nation needs to follow, and being the world's bully for the last 30 years does not earn us much respect, trust, and confidence in Asia where even 40% of South Koreans and 25% of Japanese want our military bases closed. Frankly the Philippines is such a poor country that their leadership can easily be bought, so it will probably be the Philippines that Clinton will use as a proxy to ignite the war fuse in Asia.

Hopefully, my fellow-Americans will not be bamboozled into yet another unnecessary war like Vietnam and Iraq. Intelligent minds can prevail, but only if people take the time to read the links above. Don't say, I didn't warn all of you. I did my part, and I hope each and every reader here will decide to become part of the solution and not part of the problem. We can only control our own fate if we find the courage, will, and methods to control our own government. The Chinese people do not have guns nor votes yet, but "We The People" certainly do. Don't let Hillary Clinton and her war machine steal either of them.

Post Script: If you really want to make the world a better and safer place for our children, please share this post link with all your family, friends, and colleagues. The corruption will continue only if we allow it to.