Your dreams and your parents wishes

Subject: Your dreams and your parents wishes
Date: 22 Apr 2015

Hello, I'm a 20 year old college student from Croatia. Im 1.85 tall, fit and (according to most girls at college) hot, and like most people, i have my dreams. But first, some backstory
I went to college because of the pressure of the society and my family.
I have failed 4 out of 8 classes on my first year, and i'm now a year behind the rest of my crew. To be honest, the classes aren't getting any easier.
Yesterday, i decided to drop out of college, since i feel like i'm just wasting my time and my parents money. I got instantly pressured by my parents today about my future. "You won't have an easy life, you won't be able to get a good job,you won't have time for yourself". I understand them. But i'm one of people that really can't study. Too lazy and easily distracted.
Now i've been playing PC games for several years, and i strive to be the best i can: in every game i played i am in the top 1% in the world. That is what i'm good at, this is what i know how to do. My goal is to make a name for myself organising online tournaments, the bonus is making some money off it as well. The problem is that, because of my time spent online, my parents think i'm hostile, unfriendly, alone and angry. They think im that guy that sits in the corner while everybody else hangs out. I can tell you right now, i have friends i can't count, i am the favorite in the company. They just think i have the 3 friends they know of, but don't hand with them cause they are in relationships, and im single.

By now you probably believe what my parents think. And i don't blame you. If you knew me in person you'd see i'm nothing like that, i'm merely interested in things other than college and all that.
I have 2 messages: one for people like me, and one for their parents and the society.

For the likes of me: try your best to succeed in college. If you feel it isn't your path to take, find out what you want, what you can do and what you know how to do. Everybody has a purpose, you just need to find yours. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!

For the parents and society:
College dropouts are NOT disappointments and failures, and should NEVER be treated as such. College isn't for everybody and i'm sure 50% of you judging dropouts didn't finish college. You are the ones that have to help dropouts find their place and what they want to do, and do anything you can to support them.

Remember you are special, you are loved and you are supported. Stay strong.