Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives at Iowa's Institutions of Higher Education

Subject: Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives at Iowa's Institutions of Higher Education
From: Current & Former Iowans Invested in DEI Initiatives in Higher Education
Date: 13 Apr 2023
Image of letter author, Kendra Malone, holding a megaphone at a rally on the Pentacrest at the University of Iowa (2014)

Dear Iowa Board of Regents, Governor Reynolds, and Iowa House of Representatives,

We, former and current Iowans, and other invested individuals, are dismayed at the recent announcement that the Iowa Board of Regents is calling for a stop to new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives at public education institutions as outlined in the Des Moines Register article "Amid legislative pressure, Iowa public universities ordered to pause new diversity programs" on March 14, 2023. The ability for community members to have living and learning experiences that affirm and dignify them is central to community wellness and growth. DEI initiatives work to create a sense of belonging for all of our communities and to rectify the very real harm discrimination causes.

There is significant evidence that DEI initiatives are integral for the success of institutions of higher education and the students, faculty, and staff who engage with them. Additionally, on October 19, 2021 the White House issued an executive order on "Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Black Americans", a demonstration of the nation's commitment to equitable opportunities for all citizens.

It is disheartening to see the State of Iowa backtrack in its commitment to supporting robust and meaningful education for all residents as Iowa was once a leader in the nation for equitable policy and educational opportunity.

As the report "Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (2016)" from the US Department of Education notes:

Students report less discrimination and bias at institutions where they perceive a stronger institutional commitment to diversity. Institutions are encouraged to develop and facilitate programming to increase the cultural competency of leadership, faculty, staff, and students. Institutions are also encouraged to perform an assessment of their campus climate related to diversity in order to identify areas for improvement. Many institutions include cultural competency training in new student orientation and require that students take coursework in diversity as freshmen. Cultural and socio-emotional support systems like personal
mentoring and counseling can help all students to thrive on campus and are important for students who do not comprise a racial or ethnic majority. Institutional leaders create support
systems individualized to students’ needs that are highly visible and accessible, and engage students in the decision-making process regarding campus climate. Successful institutions also make financial support available to close the need gap for economically disadvantaged students (see pages 41-44).

Continuing to support students, educators, and personnel at all levels of Iowa's educational system is paramount to the well-being and longevity of Iowa's diverse communities.

The Iowa Board of Regents' "assessment" and subsequent pause of DEI initiatives is disingenuous and harmful.

First, the Regents charged with leading the study do not have the knowledge or appropriate credentials to conduct such an assessment. There has been no transparency regarding the methods used to evaluate DEI initiatives at state universities nor any communication on the necessity of conducting such assessments. As seasoned educators and practitioners in the social sciences, humanities, and DEI fields know, conducting a statewide assessment of the myriad of unique initiatives housed at each state university requires months of planning, a substantial team of professionals and community members versed in DEI pedagogy, metrics, education, praxis, civil and human rights, law, and data collection and analysis, to mention a few of the topics and processes needed to conduct such a massive undertaking that will produce unbiased, meaningful, and academically sound results and insights. Given the limited information provided, it is unlikely well planned measures and strategies will be implemented to conduct such assessments. We welcome the Board of Regents to disclose their processes, procedures, theoretical and application based foundations, and modes of data collection and analysis with the public so we may gain clarity on the Regents' ability to conduct assessments that are based in accuracy and best practices founded in 60+ years of scholarship demonstrating the necessity of equity-centric approaches to evaluating social impact based initiatives.

Second, this attempt to dismantle equity based practices is in direct contradiction to the principles of the free and open exchange of ideas and intellectual exploration that is at the foundation of educational endeavors.

Lastly, this recent interference from the Regents specifically and the Iowa legislature broadly is the very operation of systems of power working to actively harm Iowa residents by denying them their legal and ethical rights to be free from discrimination and systematic violence.

We, the undersigned, are current and former Iowans; current and former students, faculty, staff, and instructors in Iowa's state universities; and invested individuals who are informing you that we cherish, celebrate, and benefit from the DEI initiatives happening at the three state universities. We have seen the growth and positive impact these programs have had both at the universities as well as across the state broadly. We do not support the halting of new DEI initiatives nor the current assessment being conducted by the Iowa Board of Regents, without further transparency regarding its merits, timing, and processes. We call for an Iowa that is intentional about fostering communities of belonging, care, and repair. An Iowa that can grapple with its equity challenges and continues to institutionalize initiatives that promote the dignity and care of communities most impacted by marginalization.

Kendra Malone [(they/them) BA University of Iowa '05, MA Iowa State University '10, Educated in Ames Public Schools, Class of 2000]
Susan Junis, LMSW, she/her (BA 2003, MSW 2011- University of Iowa)
Lori Rinehart, graduate from ISU She/her
Sylvea Hollis [(she/her) PhD, University of Iowa ‘18]
Dana Dominguez, (she/her)
Director, Operations & Marketing University of Iowa
Pomerantz Career Center
Naya Thomas [Des Moines, IA]
Casey Leonard, [(she/her), BFA University of Iowa ‘13, current K-12 teacher]
Ariana Mora Mero [(she/her) Iowa State University, B.S. 2015, M.Ed. 2017]
Tristan Schmidt, Charles City High School ‘15, University of Iowa BA ‘19
Tanya Hermann, ‘95 ISU Alum, she/her
Becca Lee-Simpson [(she/her) MA, Iowa State University '12]
(she/her) BA University of Iowa, 1988
Kim Everett (she/her) BS 99, MEd 02, PhD 15
Gabrielle Malone-Miller (she/her/hers) University of Iowa ‘17
Latisha McDaniel-Grife [Staff, University of Iowa, 2012-2018]
Rachel Goodrich [(she/her) Current Student, DMACC]
Elanni Sherick she/her
Ashley Hunt [she/they] BA, Iowa State University, 2011
Bryon Dudley
Mrs Carolyn Callaway Morton
Carol Michaels [(she/her) BS Iowa State University '04, MSA Northeastern Illinois University '20, Educated in Ames Public Schools, Class of 2000]
Taylor Reikofski | He, Him | U of Iowa Graduate, member of the Trio Program during undergrad
David Adams (he, him) Iowa City Community School District
Douglas Choi
Peter Adams [(he/him) undergraduate, Iowa State University]
Kim Dewey (She/her)
Shannon Kaster [(she/her) MSW, University of Iowa '23]
Carly Armour, MSW, Doctoral Candidate
she, her, hers | University of Iowa
Robin Berman (she, her) BA University of Iowa ‘11, MSW University of Iowa ‘16
Adetayo Oladele-Ajose Uiowa Alum
Dawnelle Black
Jaime Nevins (they/them)
Mara Spooner, she/her
Michael Gayman (he/him)
Francis Kuehnle [They/them & University of Iowa College of Nursing]
Kai they/them
Christine Deignan M.D.
David McCartney [he/him], Staff, University of Iowa, 2001-2022
Lindsay Jarratt (she/her), PhD University of Iowa '23
Connie Welcher
Theresa Rademacker
Devon McClurken [she/they Social Worker]
Jennifer Pearson (she/her)
Avery Whitis
Annika Schilke (she/her), Urbandale, IA
Lisa Green
Jacquie L Green
Jenn Dreier, she/her, parent of a U of I student
Marissa Gordinier [(they/she) BSW, University of Iowa 2017]
Avi Deol (she/her) (University of Iowa, 2013 MSW; Cornell College, 2006, BSS)
David Theobald (he/his)
Jen Knights (she/her, University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
Stephanie Catlett
Niki Vansice (she/her) former Iowan
Mara Cole
Janelle Melohn (she/hers), Iowan
Tom Vance, He/Him, Iowa State Alum
Nicholas Parkes-Perret
Michael prescott
Ana F. Ybarra-Rojas (she/her)
Sheila Hernandez [she/her; Waukee, Iowa]
Catrina Bargstadt (she/her) University of Iowa Graduate, LMSW
Diane Price Herndl, Ph.D. (She/Her); University of South Florida (formerly Iowa State University)
Susannah Middaugh
Denise Busch [(she/her) Iowa State University ‘92]
Cory A. Massey, Ph.D. [(he/him), Graduate Student, University of Iowa, 2009-2015]
Heather M Moore (she/her, MBA, educator)
Breanne Ward She/Her ForWard Consulting, LLC
Monique Galpin [(she/her)BLS, University of Iowa '16]
Denise Warzak [(she/her) concerned Iowan]
Patricia Franksain [(She, her) Ames, IA]
Prof. Bridget Malone [she/her] Kirkwood Community College
Dr. Gina DelCorazon [PhD, they/them, Ames High School Class of 2000]
Claudia González Kanady, she/Ella (Former UIowa Staff)
Jamal Nelson, he, him, his and former University of Iowa employee
Santos Rodriguez (He/They)
Jill Pruetz (she/her), Iowa State University faculty (2001-2017)
Dionna Langford (she/her) University of Iowa B.A. 2013
Joanne Olhausen (she/her)
Elizabeth Carlson [(she/her) B.S. Biology, B.S. Environmental Science, Iowa State University. Ames, IA]
Kaelyn Dobson
Karen Nichols (she/her/hers), Iowans for Public Education
Georgiana Umbdenstock (She/her) BA Iowa State.
Kelly Garza
Michelle Townsend [(she/her) JD, Drake Law ‘04; LLM, Boston University School of Law ‘20; Urbandale, IA]
Edgardo Ramirez (He/Him), MA - University of Iowa Alumnus, and Doctoral Student at UCLA
Giselle M. Narváez Rivera [she/her; M.A. Iowa State University ‘17]
Kaydee Ecker [(they/them) BA, University of Iowa, 2020]
Bryne Berry [she/her]
Tomorris Jocelyn
Jana BYARS she/her School for International Training
Nicole Nayima (she/her; J.D., University of Iowa College of Law 2007)
Lace Lively (she/her, Iowa State University)
Heather Kaminsen (she/hers/her) former UNI LGBT Center graduate assistant, current TRIO advisor at Normandale community college)
Jon Goodwin (he/him) - University of Iowa alumnus 2017
Lauren Whitehead (she/her) MA University of Iowa 2007
James Schneider
Mary Kay Madsen, Retired, Graduate ISU and UI
Michelle A. Rodrigues, she/her, Assistant Professor, Marquette University (Iowa State alum, MA 2007).
Douglas William Gustafson
Juli Nolte [she/her & lifelong Iowa citizen]
Gail Brashers-Krug (she/her)
Paula Mohr, BA, University of Iowa
RJ Miller Executive Director Greater Opportunities Inc
Kathy Elliott, she, her, they
Jacob Hiett [he/they]
Jennifer Allen
Ms. Kaley Mumma [(she/her/hers) Graduate Assistant, Iowa State University]
Kristine Micheletti (MA, Iowa State University 2018)
Benjamin J. Hoksbergen, MA, Iowa State University 2003-2004
Mona Gude
Carolyn Nevins
Colin G. Scanes, Ph.D. former professor and administrator at Iowa State University
Brooke Paulsen (she/her), University of Northern Iowa BA 2005, University of Iowa MA 2007, former University of Iowa staff member 2007-2015
Dusti Ingles [(she/her), MS, Iowa State University '23]
Jane Katz (she) M.A., Ed.S University of Iowa college of Education
Kathryn A. Jett, MA - she/her
Laurie Olk BA Iowa State, MA Viterbo, 38 years teaching in Iowa schools.
Jean Junis (Iowa City, IA)
Charles Mercer, LMSW
Sarah R. Haughn, Iowa State University
Melissa Spencer [she/her, Adjunct Physics Instructor, Drake University]
Amy Mendee (she/her), Ph.D. student, Iowa State University
Sidney Schnor
Roberto Paniagua [he/him & Iowa Alum]
Ellie Wilder
Sarah Chase [(they/them) PhD student, Iowa State University]
Riley Drake [she/her & Iowa State University, Ph.D., Class of 2022]
Beth A Hieronymus
Ericka Petersen
Jennifer Ulie, she/hers, CEO Mensana Wellness Solutions
Vivian M. Cook [(she/her), BA and MS, Iowa State University]
Councilmember Ashley Vanorny [she/her, former UIHC staff member having obtained Safe Zone certification through this programming, Councilmember Cedar Rapids, IA]
Fredrick Cherry Jr [he/him, BA University of Iowa 2019]
Daniel Scanlon
José Muñiz Jr. [He/Him/His & Former student @ the University of Iowa]
Dianys N. Padró Pagán (She/her) Iowa State ‘14 ‘16
Meghan Oneal (she/her)
Chloe Gerard (she/hers) former employee and CLAS ‘19
Kimberly Becker, Lecturer, English Department (she/her)
Chloe Gerard (she/hers) Former Staff,University of Iowa CLAS alumni ‘19
Jazmin Murguia, she/ella, Iowa State University Alumn
Kaitlin (she/her)
Ana Jimenez (she/her), Sr. Study Abroad Advisor, University of Iowa
Grace Litwiller [(she/her) merit staff, university of Iowa 2021- current]
Lisa McKirgan (she/her) University of Iowa staff member
Dr. Jenny Stone (she/her), Faculty, Dept. of Rhetoric, The University of Iowa
Connie Mann
Raquel Valladolid [she/hers, 3rd year undergrad student]
Catherine Solow (MA, faculty, associate dean, University of Iowa, 1990-2018)
Ruth Cardenas, She/Ella, BS Iowa State University '13
Saba Khan Vlach, PhD
Ana Merino, Professor and Collegiate Scholar, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Kimberly Castillo, M.A., she/her, UI staff-TRIO Upward Bound, University of Iowa
Alicia Joens (she, her, hers; M.A., University of Iowa, 2006; Career Coach, University of Iowa Pomerantz Career Center 2007 - Present)
Karla Madrigal [she/her]
Patricia Ritchie
Peter Lainson [(he/él) BA University of Iowa 23’]
Lola Knight (she/her) Student, University of Iowa
Timothy Havens (he/his), Professor, Communication Studies and African American Studies, The University of Iowa
Alexander Wallace He Him His Anime and Manga Club
Harry Westergaard [He/Him, Bijou Film Board Executive Director, University of Iowa ‘23]
David Lainson
Kristi Murphy (she/her) Secretary, TRIO SSS, University of Iowa
Barry Wilson, UNI Emereitus Professor
Nikole Molina [(she/her) current student, University of Iowa '23]
Paula Ross [Staff, The University of Iowa]
Graciela Vebi [(she/her) B.S., University of Iowa '22)
Sarah Phan (she/her & Student leader)
Phoenix Doan (she/her Tippie DEI Ambassador)
Molly Patterson
Justin Yem [He/Him, Philanthropy Chair - University of Iowa Vietnamese Student Association, 2021-2023]
Abbie Steuhm (He/They & UISDAA)
Catherine Schiele
Naomi Marroquin (she/hers) BA, University of Iowa '20
Consuelo Garcia, Staff, University of Iowa
Jonathan Hadley (he/him - Visiting Assistant Professor, U of Iowa 2023)
Razan Babikir [(she/her) university of Iowa ‘25]
Tiffany Boyle
Steven Kellogg, MS - He,Him,His
Loyce Arthur, she/her/hers
Maya Sanaba (she/her, Iowa Law’s South Asian Law Students Association)
Shanea amland (former uiowa student)
Stella Nguepnang ([she/her] Iowa Law ‘24)
Frida Teran-Garza, PhD [she/her, university of Iowa]
Carlette Washington-Hoagland (she, her)
Margaret Kaus [(she/her) University of Iowa]
Tracy Peterson (Hastiin, He, Him), BA/MSW, University of Iowa Alumni
Susan Christensen
Megan Gogerty (She/Her, University of Iowa)
Storm O'Brink, C-CBE [(they, them, their), BA University of Northern Iowa- 2014, RVAP Volunteer Coordinator]
Regina P. Hatcher, she/her/hers (Pomerantz Career Center, University of Iowa)
Sahithi Shankaiahgari [(she/her) student, University of Iowa '24]
Shannon McNeal (she/her) University of Iowa student, President of Black Student Union, President of Sista Speak, YGB RA
Jill Endres, MD MS FAAFP (she/her)
Marcy Rosenbaum [she/her], faculty, University of Iowa College of Medicine, 1998-present.
Michael Penniman (B.B.A, University of Iowa 2020, CDA Co-Chair)
Nicole States, she/her Ph.D. University of Iowa '23
Chris Peterson Brus (she/her) Retired Director of Women in Science & Engineering (WISE), University of Iowa (1998-2015)
Mark Bruckner (He, his, him) - University of Iowa
Camila Sofía Gómez (she/her/hers) student at University of Iowa
Adam Robinson (he/him)
Kate Robinson (she/her)
Malvika Khadiya [(she/her) BA, University of Iowa '24]
Teresa Kout (she/her) Staff, University of Iowa
Scott Bradley, He/They, Faculty, University of Iowa
Aidan Drozdick [(they/them)current University of Iowa Undergraduate Student]
Isabel Martinez, she/her, UIOWA student
Meghan Baeza (she/her, M.Ed Iowa State University 2014)
Alexis Jones (Iowa Law ‘24)
Ben Appenheimer (he/him), MD University of Iowa
Stacey Appenheimer, MD [(she/her), Director of Medical Student Education, University of Iowa Department of Family Medicine]
Barcey T. Levy (she/her/hers)
Angel , M.Ed., Iowa State University ‘15
Crystal Garcia-Auguste [(she/they), PhD Candidate, University of Iowa]
Kathryn Gerken, Ph.D. Emeritus Faculty(she, her, hers)
Der Vang, she/her, Iowa State University ‘14
John Warren (University of Iowa)
Alejandra R Castillo [(She/Her/Ella) Doctoral Student, University of Iowa]
Kaitlyn Masse [They/She, University of Iowa]
Alan MacVey, Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa
Maria Marroquin Perez [She, her, hers - University of Iowa]
Richard M. Hoffman, MD; emeritus professor of medicine, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Megan Schmidt [(she/her) University of Iowa]
Jess Quintero [(she/they) Student, University of Iowa]
Abigail Stoddard [(she/her) University of Iowa, 2025]
Jaden McDonough She/ Her
Luz Aguilar-Mateo [(she/her), Iowa City, IA]
Judie Hermsen (she, her, hers)
The University of Iowa BS, MSW, MBA
UI Employee 1988-2014 (retired)
Nanette Chapa [(she/her), BBA, University of Iowa ‘21]
Dan Corry [he/him, University of Iowa]
Diego he/him student at the university of Iowa
Leah Scharlott (she/hers + University of Iowa)
Ela Kinaci [(she/her) University of Iowa, student]
Anna Turnquist (University of Iowa ‘20)
Jessica Rockafellow (she/her), MD University of Iowa CCOM ‘16
Joel Castillo
Sapphira Dinh
Adrian Placido [(he/him)Student, University of Iowa]
Gerald Jogerst MD [Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa]
Joseph Haggerty [(he/him) UIowa BA 2021)
Marisela Aparicio(she, her, hers)
Elizabeth Castillo [(she/her), student, University of Iowa]
James l Albert
Sarah Lambert [they/them, former Academic Coach in the Center for Inclusive Academic Excellence at the University of Iowa]
Daniel Nuñez He/Him
Michael Petersen (he/him) Retired Iowa Educator
Ruby Sanchez [She/Her, University of Iowa]
Grace Nordahl (she/her)
Kathryn Corones
Kristen Dolgos
Destiny Griffin [(she/her) BBA, University of Iowa ‘21
Jackson Reuter [(he/him) BS, University of Iowa ‘22]
Sukriti Nayar (She/her, BBA’12)
Josh Opperman (he/him/his)
Laurie Haag, Iowa taxpayer and voter
Kyle Mazzocco [(they/them) Student, University of Iowa]
Emily Eisenman (she/her) (UNI ‘08 & ‘12)
Lily Dosedel [(she/her) Student, University of Iowa]
Catherine M. Miller [she/they, Faculty, University of Northern Iowa, 1997-now]
Kerry Cruse
Marlan "LO" Dixon
Kyra Lester [(she/her/hers), Student at the University of Iowa]
Chelsea Burk-Betts (she/her) University of Iowa, Office of the Registrar
Belinda J Holland
Maricela Garcia (she/her)
Shalome Musignac Jordan, She, Her, Ella, Iowa State University alum
Joel Gilbertson [they/them, University of Iowa, Interfaith Chaplain]
Mariah Jordan
Julissa Garcia [ She/Her/Hers ]
Caroline Deo she/her/hers Student, University of Iowa '24
Maria Van Der Maaten [(she/her) PhD, Iowa State University 2018]
Katie Imborek (she/her), MD (2008)
Jane Lindsay Miller (she/her)
Kris Ruddle (she/her) UI 2007
Samm Yu (Child Lab)
Raquel Scapardine (she/her) (Chicago, IL)
Nathan Shaw, MD
Sabrina Lacy she/her/hers, student at the Uiowa
Dulce Escorcia [(they/them) UI student 2017-2021]
Rachel Carreon
Lynne Doxie
Kate Klefstad (she/her)
Jacqueline K Crawford, Professor Emerita, Simpson College
Jillian Bulow [she/her/hers]
Khlood Saeed(she/hers)
Kira Pasquesi (she/her) BA ‘05 & PhD ‘19 University of Iowa
Kaibrea Schoning (she/her/hers) Women’s & Gender Studies, Pre-Medicine Track; Co-President of Planned Parenthood Generation (PPGen) Chapter at Iowa State University
Christian Copple [University of Iowa Graduate 2014]
Karter Donahue
Jessica Sheets, University of Iowa PhD ‘21
Jenny Campbell-Aoki (she/her) MSW Providence Healthcare
Amy Moreno (she/they) M.Ed., Iowa State University ‘10.
Abigail Barefoot (She/Her) BS Iowa State University 2012
Kate DuChene Hanrahan, MD, MME (she/her)
Linda Pyrah [(she/her/ella) Faculty, University of Iowa]
Rev. Diana Smith (she/her), Minister, Unitarian Universalist Society
Ngonyo Mungara (she/her/hers), Student at University of Iowa
Josh Coduto [he/him, University of Iowa]
Danielle Crawford [(she/her) Staff, University of Iowa 1994-present]
Kevin Hunter [(He/Him), Graduate Student, University of Iowa]
Dr. Jennifer A. Buckley, Faculty, University of Iowa
Abigail Escatel- University of Iowa- Communication Studies
Josie Welker, she/her, University of Iowa
Ken Morris, Jr. [(he/him) Diversity Resources Team, University of Iowa, 2017-2019]
Kelly Clougher [she/her, Resident of Iowa]
Katherine Diaz (she/hers) University of Iowa '13
Brad Ferrier [(he/him) Digital Projects Librarian, University of Iowa]
Rev. Timothy J. Smith (he/him)
Tinh Tran [(he/him) current student, University of Iowa]
Preksha Kedilaya [she/her/hers] Iowa Agni A Cappella President
Sumita Subramani (she/her), University of Iowa ‘15
Hunter Gillaspie [he/they]
Lucas García-Bandera (Undergraduate Student, The University of Iowa)
Sriya Subramani, MD ‘18
Ashwin Subramani
Shari Olson, ISU 1987
Sofia Muñoz, she/they, current student at University of Iowa
Yeeshai Valdivia; he/him; Student@University of Iowa
Maria Figueroa
Jody Harmsen, MD; Iowa City, IA
Shell Feijo, PhD UIowa
Khirin Carter [she/her], MA Univ of Iowa 2010
Preston Keith [(he/him/his) M.A., University of Iowa ‘14]
Quinn Montgomery (he/they) University of Iowa BA ‘14, MA ‘17
Beth McNutt[(she/her) MA. Ed University of Iowa ‘99]
Rick Dobyns
Meagan Schorr (she/they, University of Iowa)
Ana Ybarra-Rojas, Iowa State University
Tricia Kitzmann (she/her)
Melissa Caras [(she/her) Iowa City, IA]
Hunter Harig [he/him], MPH, University of Iowa, 2013
Mary Gallagher [she/her]
Julian Neely (He/Him/His and Iowa State Alumnus)
Acacia Roberts, [University of Iowa '14; College of Law '23]
Abigail Case (She/Her); University of Iowa employee
Maria D. Sanchez (University of Iowa Police Department, Community Outreach Division)
Ryan Melton (He/Him/His) (Former Democratic Party Candidate for IA-04)
Mariana Gonzalez, she/her, Iowa State University graduating senior
Michael Rack (they/their)
Meghan A Connett, MD
Amanda Hallman [(she/her) Graduate Coordinator, Iowa State University]
Luke Safris [He/Him/His, Iowa State Alumni 2022]
Naomi Sennett (she/her), UIowa Vocal Music Education, Class of 2025
Oz Braslavsky (they/he), University of Iowa ‘25
Victoria Salter (she/they)
Jodi Linley, PhD (she/her), Associate Professor, University of Iowa (BA 1998, MA 2002, Univ of Iowa; South O’Brien High School 1994)
Elizabeth Walker (They/Them) University of Iowa Student
Madison Omtvedt [(she/her), current student of Iowa State University]
Sabrina Tapps Fee (she/her) Cedar Rapids, IA, former UI staff member
Mairen Thompson (she/her/hers), University of Iowa
Alicia Garcia Bloomberg
Yareli Reeve-Mendoza (She/Her), Doctoral Candidate University of Iowa
Cody Neeper-Burris (She/Her, ISU ‘23)
Matsalyn Brown (she/her)
Jessica Clipper (she/her), Ames, IA
Zach Donohue [he/him]
Carrie Ann Johnson (she/her)
Sara Allen, MA Education
Cate Koeppen (North Liberty, IA)
Heather Westemeyer, DO MPH [she/her, Iowa State University BS/BA]
Dr. Megan Schwalm (she, her, hers), Executive Director, Tennessee Respite Coalition (formerly Diversity Resource Coordinator, Chief Diversity Office, University of Iowa)
Michelle Hale MS Iowa State university ‘09
Monica Goedken (she/her - 4th generation Iowan)
Justine Stamer [(she/her) BFA, Iowa State University, 2008]
Amanda Martin, she/her, staff at Drake University
Alli Pike she/her Johnston HS/DMACC/ISU/U of IA alumnus
Lord Nathan Kula
She/her Kerri Xene Abraham, Ageless Art 501(c)3
Charles Hoffman (He, him, his)
Marybeth Gardam (she/her) Women's International League for Peace & Freedom
Kaeli Samson [(she/her) BS, Iowa State University ‘06, MA, MPH]
Mona Shaw
Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz (she/her), University of Iowa
Joanna Lawson Ed.S, university of Iowa 1996
Zebulon Beilke-McCallum (he/him) Urbandale, IA
Sara Riggs (she, her, parent of university of Iowa students)
E Cram (they/them), Faculty at University of Iowa, & MA University of Northern Iowa 2006
Jeffrey L Clothier
Adam Wright
Michaela Frischherz [(she/her), PhD, University of Iowa 2015]
Garrett T.
Jane Moeckli (she/her)
Brady G’sell she/her, faculty
Kathleen Janz
The Rev. Nora Boerner (she.hers), Beloved Community Initiative
Palwasha K Afridi (she/her), LLB (London), Bar-At-Law (Lincoln’s Inn)
Erin J. Rand [she/her; PhD, University of Iowa, 2006]
Leslie Schwalm
Linda McGuire
Lina-Maria Murillo, she/her/ella, Assistant Professor University of Iowa
Molly McNamara (she/her), BA and MSW from University of Iowa (‘01 and ‘03)
Diane Machatka
Virginia Armstrong (she/her) former Adjunct Faculty University of Iowa
Anne Silander, MSW University of Iowa, 2005
Denise Attard Sacco she/her
Julie Staub [(she/her) BA, University of Iowa 1998]
Meena Khandelwal (she, U Iowa)
Barbara Canin [(she/her), MSW student, University of Iowa '25]
Dianne Dillon-Ridgley (she/her) Tippie Commencement Keynote 2014
Mary Beth Versgrove [(she/her) BS University of Iowa ‘78, MS ‘92; 40+ yr Clinical RPh UIHC]
Ms. Ginny Antrim
Jennifer Colville she/her
Ms. Lisa Buckingham
Crystal Primus (she/her)
Mindy Sickels Sterbenz
Ms Robyn Krell, she/her
Haruhi Abbas [(she/her) academic advisor, University of Iowa]
Meganne Robinson, University of Iowa (BA 2009-2013, MBA 2015-2017)
Evan Ivory
Drew Robinson (He/Him), University of Iowa Graduate 2020
Kelsey Chaves White
Christina Fernandez-Morrow, she/her/ella
Corey Collins
Sarah klahs
Alex Ackerman she/her
Sarah Heady She/her UI MSW
Cristel Gomez (she/her)
Abby Brickley [She/Her, University of Iowa Class of ‘20]
Nicole Oehmen
Tabitha Rasmussen (She/Her, BM & MA University of Iowa, 1997 & 2003)
Nicholas Applen [(he/him) Student, University of Iowa]
Molly Donahue - (she, her) State Senator
Tyler James, he/him, public educator
Leah Vejzovic [(she/her) Employee Iowa State University 2011-2018; 2010 MSW Graduate of University of Northern Iowa]
Sharon DeGraw
Lisa Covington, PhD, she/her, University of Iowa Alum 2022
Black Lives Matter at School Iowa
Andre’ Wright
Maggie Woznicki, LMSW (she, her), UNI ‘09
Drew Van Winkle, UNI 2006-2010 (he/him/his)
Julie Hannon (she/her), BS Iowa State University ‘88
Matt Drabek [he/him, PhD University of Iowa 2012]
Erin Gill
Lisa Hannon [(she/they) BA, Iowa State University '89]
Liz Van Deusen, B.A. U of Iowa, J.D. U of Iowa
Mandi Remington- She/Her, Iowa City Council Candidate
Corridor Community Action Network
Jann Pedersen
Vera Stokes
Melissa Zimdars, she/her, University of Iowa Ph.D., Associate Professor Merrimack College
Ella, she,her
Michelle Myers, she/her/hers, Iowa State University student and concerned citizen
Rebecca M Teasdale [(she/her) MA University of Iowa ‘97, BA University of Northern Iowa ‘91]
Rahaf Othman
Shona Martens (she/her)
Tommy Stevens [(they/them) BA, University of Iowa '24]
Ryans Calmont
Tasia Guiter, she/her, Dubuque Iowa
Jennifer Bradshaw [(she/her) University of Iowa]
Courtney B. (she, hers), UI staff
Amelia Colwell [she/her, BA University of Iowa, 2006, graduate of Waterloo Public Schools, 2002]
Toby Urvaterr
Grandview University BA in Science
Georgianna Martin (she/her), University of Iowa alumna 2012
Jessie Shaw
Olivia Leslie [she/her]
Arlo Schneider (Alum, University of Iowa)
Michael Shaw (They/Them)
Brie Clubb [She/Her, student, University of Iowa]
Shelby Mutter [(she/they) University of Iowa ‘23]
Delaney Waterman (she/her)
University of Iowa student
Lily Hester. They/She. UIowa Senior who worked with MISSE spaces for 3 years and CIAE for Iowa Edge.
Madelyn Stoen, she/her, University of Iowa
Logan Kha (He/Him) [Student at the University of Iowa]
Olivia-Margaret Manaligod (she/they), alumna of the University of Iowa (Worked as a programming assistant for the Pride Alliance Center in the Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement (MISSE) department)
Trinity Christofferson [(she/they), Theatre Arts & Screenwriting Student at the University of Iowa ‘24]
Wendi Peterson (she/her, BA, University of Northern Iowa ‘99)
Elizabeth Willis (University of Iowa faculty 2015-present)
Sarrah Hammond
DeAndre Jones
Bryan Holley, he/him/his, NCAE
Jessica Padilla (She/Ella & University of Iowa Staff 2016-2021)
Jamie Walker-Sallis; she, her, hers, UNI Alumni
David Leshtz, UI master's degree, 1979
KellyMarie Z. Meek (she/her)
Jennifer Blair (she/her), 98 BA University of Iowa, staff member, 2013-2021
Michelle Johnson
Emileigh Barnes, she/her. BA, University of Iowa ‘09. Currently VP at Rocket Mortgage.
This “pause” and “assessment” gives me great concern. DEI initiatives are crucial for creating a responsible, knowledgeable, and equitable future.
Rev. Anna Blaedel [(they/them) Chaplain, Wesley Center at UIowa; BA University of Iowa '04.]
Emily Hrabik [she/her, University of Iowa BA Social Work]
Denise Perez [(she/her/ella) Grimes, IA]
Jackie Chow
Whit (she/they)
Ellie Turk [(she/her), Student, University of Iowa 2019-2023]
Cindy Sanders (she, they) University of Northern Iowa ‘88
Mariah Archie [(she/her) BA University of Iowa ‘15]
Heather Roberts (she/her) Interim Director/Asst. Director of Intercultural Life 2010-2014
Michaela Davis [(She/They) Student, University of Iowa]
Missy Springsteen (she/her, Iowa State University)
Aurora Deuw
Lauren Burchard Harris, she/her, alumni
National Black Lives Matter at School Steering Committee
Ashley Stepien, she/her/hers, Student at the University of Iowa
Rhonda Chittenden (she/her) Faculty, Des Moines Area Community College, 1994 Master’s Graduate Iowa State University
Hannah Shade [(she/her), University of Iowa student]
Cassidy Brunscheon [she/her - University of Iowa Student]
Bridget Westbrook
Babette Bates She/Her
Joseph Villalobos University of Iowa Student He/They
Vanessa Andrade
Alejandro Rico (Hall Coordinator University of Iowa, (he/him/his & él/de él/suyo)
DeShana Taylor (she/her) parent of University of Iowa graduate
Christina Fernandez-Morrow, Des Moines Area Community College
Abinadi Rivera-Aguirre (she/her) University of Iowa’s Multicultural Greek Council President
Ann Kreitman (she/they) MFA Theatre Arts, Uiowa
Sophia Kilburg [(she/her) BA University of Iowa Spring ‘23]
Mikaela Scozzafava [(she/hers) PhD student, Iowa State University]
N’Kengé Robertson she/her/hers National Black Lives Matters At School Curriculum Lead
Larissa Lundh
Dr. Ardella Diggs McCain
Rae Miller
Vickie Siefker. She/her
Gina Waters [(she/her) B.B.A., University of Iowa ‘21]
Claudio Tekeli
Jasmine Brooks