Bishop Rawstorne needs to look out more for students mental health

Subject: Bishop Rawstorne needs to look out more for students mental health
From: A concerned ex student
Date: 13 Nov 2022

To those teaching and working at Bishop Rawstorne school. From a concerned ex student.

I was conversing with a parent of a child today who has just started attending your school. They shared with me about the half hour lunch breaks and amount of homework children are given at this school.

I know from past experience safeguarding/spotting poor mental health/the obvious distress of disabled students and more is ignored in this institution.

There are teachers who want to change things and help their students but the systems put in place are causing a lot of distress which is having a knock on effect for your most vulnerable students.

I would like to suggest that although in lockdown crime in prisons was at an all time low because the prisoners were locked in their cells. We know that first of all our children should not be made to feel like prisoners. Or treated badly. Second of all we also know that being stuck inside for long periods of time causes poor mental health.

Especially for your autistic or ADHD students who may need more time than others to de stress between lessons.

I suggest longer breaks. Less homework, and safe spaces for children to go between lessons without fear of bullying.

If you are afraid of anti-social behaviour please first try to address the mental health of your students.

As an MA student myself I am baffled by the lack of control over my own emotions and thoughts I had while attending your school.

It felt like I had no space to breathe and like there was no safe space to go to. My peers without a disability felt the same. It was this unspoken groundhog Day for all of us each time we came in.

Children should not be controlled. They can think for themselves. Are you afraid that if they have enough time to think they will realise how much pressure you are putting them under without proper cause?

Please try to take this on board. Bishops was a place where I received a very good education. It really is an excellent school.

The time I spent there were also the most miserable years of my life.

I hope we can all learn together and things can change for the better. All the best. An ex student who very much wants Bishops to continue being excellent, but not just for intellectual growth. For well-being too.