women in the work place

Subject: women in the work place
Date: 7 Mar 2018

The crucible, a story about a real-life witch hunt in Salem Mass. In colonial America. In the crucible women were falsely accused of witchcraft because a simple difference they are a woman, don’t go to church, aren’t married or don’t have children at a certain age. During these hunts, the “witches” were hanged. In the play women were inferior to men. Men in the time were seen as a godlier figure sent to protect the world from all evil. Women were seen as witches because of something different.

My names Kylie, I’m 17 I’m a cashier at Hy-Vee, for those who have no idea what Hy-Vee is it’s a grocery store, with very little things special about it. Over the past 5-6 months of working at Hy-Vee I have come to notice a few things. Everything is being run by a man, we have one upfront manager (the ones you see when you check out) we have 2-3 women in a position of power. But that’s not really the problem, the problem I have is how men are continuously scheduled over and more often than women. Now I’m not sure if our Manager is sexist or if we actually suck at our job (P.S according to other managers we don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) On a normal week I request 16-20 hours a week I get maybe 10-12hours… A man the same age with the same availability as me with the same requested hours gets the 20 hours they request. I’m not sure if you see something wrong with that but I do. Being a cashier requires very little strength so you can’t even pull the “guys are stronger card". So, what is it? Are women in the workplace stilled frowned upon in a society that is supposed to be “equal”?

To all the people who have witnessed or experienced this first hand, this is an ongoing problem that happens in more places than just Hy-Vee and more places then where you may work. This letter is to make people realize that this is still an issue and that it needs to be fixed. This letter is to make people realize that this is still an issue and that it needs to be fixed.