Attracting Contingent Workers: The Talent You Need for a Successful Workforce

Subject: Attracting Contingent Workers: The Talent You Need for a Successful Workforce
Date: 18 May 2021

More and more businesses are interested in hiring contingent workers. Their diverse talent pool has much to offer to companies all over the world. What's interesting is that the number of contingent workers is increasing across the globe more each year.

However, businesses are still hesitant about contingent workers because companies are not certain what encourages contingent workers and what motivates them.

However, this type of workforce has great potential and can prove to be an invaluable asset to every company that hires them. With that in mind, here are a few things you need to know about attracting contingent workers so that you can obtain the talent you need for a successful workforce.

Who exactly are contingent workers?

Contingent workers are any workers that work for a company part-time. In other words, they are the workforce you hire for a specific project, after which they are no longer in your employment. You can hire them aging for another project should the need to do so arises.

That being said, contingent workers are temporary workers, and they are oftentimes classified as freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, and so on.

As such, they don't fall under regular employment obligations, which means they don't receive company benefits like regular employees. Moreover, they also help you reduce operational costs as contingent workers don't require as much in labor costs as full-time employees.

Why is contingent workforce important?

As mentioned before, contingent workers have a diverse talent pool that any company can really use. These people engage in independent work due to flexibility but sometimes out of sheer necessity.

What that means is that you'll always be able to find contingent workers willing to work for you. For example, various institutions and platforms across the world help connect businesses and contingent workers more seamlessly.

That said, innovative contractor workforce solutions in Asiahave helped numerous companies in the region hire reliable and talented contingent workers for their ongoing projects.

This proves the fact that contingent workers and companies need each other to achieve mutual goals. Contingent workers need new projects, while companies need talented workers to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Attracting contingent workers

Since contingent workers work independently, they can choose with whom to work for and which projects to take on. This creates difficulties for businesses because contingent workers may not be willing to work for you if they aren't familiar with how you operate.

This is where your employer branding can really make a difference. If your brand is renowned for treating workers fairly and for being an honest, transparent and trustworthy brand, contingent workers may be more willing to work with you.

Therefore, your ability to hire these talents for your projects will largely depend on your repudiation in the market. You may consider improving your reputation before deciding to reach out to contingent workers.

Engaging contingent workers

As mentioned before, businesses are concerned about how to engage contingent workers and how to motivate them properly. After all, you want to leverage their talent to its fullest potential and ensure that your contingent workforce is as productive as it can be. For you to address those issues, treat contingent workers as they were your full-time employees.

In other words, assess their needs, demands and preferences so that you can create a unique value proposition for them. The fact of the matter is that your contingent workers won't necessarily leave after the project is finished.

They might stick around to see if you have more work for them, which means you'll either renew their contracts or set them free. If you want them to stay and continue working for you, you should strongly consider offering them specific benefits that will incentivize them to continue working for you.

Contingent workers are a talented workforce that chooses to work independently for whatever reason. That doesn't decrease their value. In fact, it makes them even more valuable because you can leverage the right talent and have a successful workforce whenever you need one. The only thing you have to do is to make an effort to ensure contingent workers will be willing to work with you on every occasion.