Help Us

Subject: Help Us
From: Dorothy Dean Drakes
Date: 2 Apr 2021

I am a poor woman who owns a small business that has the power to be mega large worldwide. Anyone worth 300million - 1 billion can help 4-10 small businesses such as mine and never lose a dime. Instead of depending on Banks and all these foundations that is designed to make sure we the Black women NEVER qualify for any true help.
We as people of Color have worked and do work hard every day, even if we party sometimes on the weekend as most people do.I am not a CPA not an Event Marketer, but I know this is true because numbers do not lie unless a human makes an ERROR?
1)4 employees at 3000 monthlyx4=12,0000x12=144,000
2)You the owner 4000 monthly =40,000 yearly
3) Ordering product, material, and or supplies 50,000
4)buy an old building invest 55,000 on purchasing and improvement
5) Technology and Marketing, account software 10,000 this is for an actual small business where you the Billionaire owns %15 of a business that has everything they need to succeed, and should not need extra funds because it is all added into the loan and in 18 months you both should see a turn for the better. Mind you this is a plan that only works if you both follow the rules and work hard.