To the woman my husband is sleeping with aka "the other woman"

Subject: To the woman my husband is sleeping with aka "the other woman"
From: Anonymous
Date: 24 Aug 2016

You may not know this, but after everything I still love my husband. Six years ago I began talking to a man who made me weak at the knees. The whole butterflies in my stomach kind of love. Not to long after we started dating I became pregnant with our now 5 year old son. Things didn't work out through out most of my pregnancy, but in the end we made it work. He asked me to marry him in March of 2011 and we got married in July. It may have not been the big fairy tale wedding, but I got to become his wife! Two years later we had another son, both of those boys are OUR blessing. You see we have two wonderful kids together and he has two of the most amazing boys from his first marriage. I adore all four of our kids! I knew in the past he had an addiction problem but we were a family and I love him. He hurt his knee while working and once again became dependent. We started fighting because no, I do not understand addiction. I just wanted him to stop and be the husband he promised me he would be. I don't understand that part of his life, but he tells me you do. We have separated once before, which was my choice. I started talking to someone not to long after, but I did end it, when he found out and I could see how hurt he was. I chose him, I chose to fight for my marriage, I chose to love him. Now that we are separated again, which was his choice, he has you. After a long discussion, we decided, together as husband and wife, to make it work. We were going to work on us. We were going to work on putting our family back together. I know he tells you different though. I know he tells you he loves you and you are the only one, but guess what he continued to tell me the same thing. But all with one little phone call, he goes running back to you. He says I don't know you and I can't be angry with you. No, I don't know you but I do know I don't like you. You are the woman who my husband is choosing over his family. You are the woman who has asked him not to talk to me. You are the woman who he has chosen time and time again to be with when he has a chance to spend time with his kids. So, I just want to say, you do not get to dictate how my marriage ends! How my marriage goes and what he talks to me about is none of your concern. His kids, is none of your concern. As far as I see it, you are just as guilty as him. You know he is married, you know he has four of the most amazing boys. You do not get to determine how this ends, that is between me and my husband. He doesn't get to just give up because of you! And just maybe in different circumstances, I may have liked you, but because you are choosing how my husband spends his time, I have NO respect for you. You do not deserve mine or my kids time. You are just the woman my husband is sleeping with. You see we may have not had the perfect marriage for the last year and all the hell he has put me through, but at the end of the day, I am still his wife and he is still my husband, and you, you are just the other woman. At one time he was my king and I his queen. And one day, only by the grace of God, he will be the man I fell in love with.
The wife.