Why is mockery considered funny?

Subject: Why is mockery considered funny?
From: Average American
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Why is it considered funny when people mock others? On TV or in movies we call it comedy but in real life it is bullying and shaming.

Do people really find it funny when others are mocked? I don't. I find it degrading and embarrassing. I want to crawl into a corner and deny I ever knew those doing it.

I don't do those things and I don't condone it. I make a comment that I didn't find that funny and would you please explain why humiliating someone, pointing out their flaws or idiosyncrasies in front of others is a good idea.

But I realized after watching an extremely short news op on the walkout of Amy Schumer's comedy show that most people who do this are very insecure. She decided to attack Donald Trump and had to have some of the audience removed when they started booing. Many people just wanted to listen to some humor and not attacks on someone. Many people don't find this funny.

Maybe people like Ms. Shumer feel insecure. They are afraid that someone is going to do it to them and so they need to strike first.

It is terrible that so many people feel the need to lash out at others in order to make themselves feel and look good. I think most politicians must feel the same way since they use slurs and attacks to deflect from what is important.

Putting our shattered country back together is what is important. Paying off our huge debt. Holding everyone in the government accountable for their actions. Why should they get a free pass? The rest of us would be under the jail if we have done half of what they do. Making sure people are safe, can afford health insurance, have jobs to support their families and NO ONE IS HUNGRY OR HOMELESS.

We also need to make sure the law applies fairly and equally to everyone...not giving a pass to someone who comes from a wealthy family. The "Affluenza Defense" should never happen.

People need to remember that there are always repercussions to actions and make a conscious effort to promote the good and not reward the bad behavior.

How would you want someone to behave towards you? There isn't just one drumbeat in life, the world is filled with many wonderful personalities just as it has the bad ones. I would hope someone would come to my defense instead of just standing there acting uncomfortable and probably relieved that the bully wasn't targeting them.

Bullies always cave under pressure from everyone and if they don't....never give them a chance to attack you. Leave the situation by telling them in front of everyone that you forgive them for their behavior because you understand they feel insecure and you hope someday, they will feel better about themselves.

This method doesn't always work but usually someone else will come to your defense. I like to think there are more great people than bad ones in this world.