A Vow To My Children

Subject: A Vow To My Children
Date: 23 Feb 2015

I love looking back at pictures and the memories I have created with my children. It inspires me to continue pushing forward. Even on the days I want to give up. Each photo shows much love from just the few short years they have been in my life. Many of our sweet moments show their very unique personalities, and each picture is a reminder of how my hands and my heart are full with love. As I look at these pictures, so many reflect how my boys will always look at me. I pray that they will see a mother who tried her hardest to always be the best she could be and I pray that I will inspire them as much as they inspire me. It is my job to be the best I can be in creating their foundation of life and its my job to give them the best example I possibly can to mimic. I want them both to always see that their mother was strong enough to do it and make it and that they can make it too, and as they get older, I want them to have something to respect me as their mother for, because our kids watch every single thing that we do. We hold the key to everything in their life. It is up to us to see that they grow up knowing right from wrong and it is up to us to see that they gain the self confidence that they will always need to get through life and be happy and successful. Granted we can only lead them to the water, we cannot make them drink. But it is our job to at least make sure they get to the waters edge. Our job as parents will never be done. No matter how much they grow, they will always be our children. I tell my boys all the time that they may outgrow my lap but they will never outgrow their momma's heart.

So.... let me say this....

I love you Hayden and Grayson. You two boys are my sun and my moon and my promise to you both will always be to remain as positive as I possibly can be, to love you both unconditionally, to always provide you with a stable home, and I promise to teach you what I know based on my experiences and the lessons I have learned over the years. I also promise to never leave you and I will always try to be understanding and as patient as I know how to be. I also promise to be your biggest fan and your biggest critic. You both deserve the absolute best the world has to offer and it is your momma's job and her will to see that you both get nothing short of just that. Thank you both for filling me full of so much love and making me the best mother I know how to be. Neither of you will ever know just how much happiness and love you have given me. You are both heaven sent and I thank god for you both everyday!