To the U.S. Federal Agents who seized my book manuscripts at gunpoint - the truth will live on about government crimes & Jeb Bush & Terry Nelson

Subject: To the U.S. Federal Agents who seized my book manuscripts at gunpoint - the truth will live on about government crimes & Jeb Bush & Terry Nelson
From: Former U.S. Treasury Agent Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 27 Dec 2015

To the 3 FBI agents who stormed my mother's home in Parma, Ohio with about 20 local police officers without presenting any warrants, and held my unarmed 60 year old mother-in-law, infant son (1 month old) and wife at gunpoint, I say - Please return my book manuscripts and leave my family alone.

Yes, I know you will deny taking them but there are three witnesses inside the house and at least 20 of our neighbors saw the massive swat-style assault. I know some of those making the assault were even lied to as for the motives of the raid since one of the Parma police present went to high school with me. He doesn't lie.

Stealing book manuscripts will not erase history, nor the fact that I interviewed over a dozen drug smugglers, pilots, and bankers who all had business dealings with Jeb Bush or his "business manager" Terry Nelson (a corrupt FBI agent caught smuggling cocaine in Saskatchewan in 1997). I also interviewed Colombian George Morales, Eduardo Garay, Rene Benitez, and Pilot Gary Betzner long before Morales and Betzner were asked to testify before Senator Kerry in closed-door Senate hearings. Kerry, Nelson, Oliver North and myself all know the truth about Jeb's role in the Contra fiasco and why George Morales was murdered even though you maybe were told it was an "accident".

Stealing my book manuscripts and threatening my wife and family will not change the fact that I worked two years at American Financial Group in Aventura, Florida, before I resigned and became an informant for your colleagues in Miami. They know that AFG was a laundromat for funding a few political campaigns with drug monies washed on Wall Street. They also know that I was asked to deliver $1million in cash to Jeb via his lieutenant Katherine Harris to launch his bid to become governor of Florida. But at the time they did not know that AFG was partially owned and was originally started up with $10 million of seed capital from General Manuel Noriega of Panama. I was the one had to inform them that AFG President Edward Myles Chism worked for the U.S. Justice Department for 20+ years in Panama and this his wife Teresita Tapia was the personal secretary, banker, translator, and former mistress of Noriega. Four years later Panamanian newspapers would confirm this, but not one U.S. media rep would touch the story because of Jeb and his daddy's influence.

I also was able to meet federal prisoner Alberto Duque the sponsor and board director of City National Bank in Miami who assured me that his "brother, friend, and associate Jeb Bush" would rescue him from prison because of all the "favors" he did for Jeb. Instead Duque spent quite a few years behind bars. Actually he was lucky. Bush partners Barry Seal and George Morales were murdered for what they knew. At least Duque was allowed to live out the balance of his life in Colombia - after his stay in a federal prison. By the way, AFG's offices were located in suite 601 of Duque's City National Bank bldg.
But it was so odd that Duque had to spend almost a decade behind bars while Chism who allegedly stole $87 million spent less than 9 months in prison but was then told to go live outside of America (so he could not be subpoenaed as a witness).

Stealing my book manuscripts will not change the fact of why Barry Seal and Stock promoter Al Chalem had to be murdered (silenced) or why former CIA operative Chip Tatum, Erling Ingvaldsen, myself and other witnesses had to be discredited with phony criminal charges. All Americans are not stupid and naive sheep as you were wrongly told. Even many DEA agents and RCMP Mounties told me they knew I was telling the truth and one reporter in Canada admitted that his intel contacts were predicting my own murder if I ever returned to America. See this here:

I also know that you were "just following orders" and perhaps you were wrongly told I was some real bad or dangerous guy - just like your superiors once told my neighbor in Miami Michael Mansfield some whoppers that I was a "terrorist with automatic weapons" even though I had security clearances and worked 5 years in U.S. federal law enforcement at the time. Your goons also told yet others that I am a "wanted pedophile in Canada" (a blatant lie).

Your dirty tricks squad has not only been smearing me online but also deleting my editorials and posts that have any connection with Jeb Bush, AFG, or Terry Nelson's drug smuggling adventures like this here

But stealing my book manuscripts is not something people do in a real democracy and I would like them back. Its bad enough that you used a fake extradition to force me out of Canada where I lived with my Canadian family (which your superiors managed to terrorize with two shooting incidents at our home and dozens of nasty phone threats) Here is a sample chapter in case you thugs with guns and badge forgot...

You need not worry... After you guys exiled me to China and put me on a no-fly list and refused to renew my passport, I have no interest in ever living back in the U.S., especially after your envoy came and threatened to kill my wife and kids if I even went to Disneyworld. Even without my book, people will still learn the truth about the Bush family - eventually. They have been committing crimes since WWII starting with Grandpa Prescott Bush

The truth is that when you threatened my family and infant son with loaded guns, you crossed the line. Until that point, I was able to forget that Terry Nelson thrice tried to recruit me for his smuggling operation, even after I learned from Chip Tatum that he met Nelson for the first time at the Bush family home in Florida. I was able to forget that George W. Bush was flying around in Barry Seal's airplane after Barry was murdered, and I was able to forget the photographs George Morales showed me and others from Tamiami Airport and Illopango. I was able to forget the photos of George H. Bush together with Noriega & Ed Chism. I was able to forget the conversations Felix Rodriguez had with Chism at AFG's office about trying to buy off a young Army colonel named Chavez who was just released from prison in 1995. AFG was asked to open a Venezuela office with Jeb's contacts just to get close to Chavez. Should we discuss the balance of that conversation - what would be done if Chavez could not be bribed? All of this "dark matter" would have been flushed from my mind permanently had you left my family alone and not do your best to separate and terrorize us.

But when you have your thugs shoot at our family home and then threaten to kill babies - my babies, you bring out the worst in me. So if anything further transpires that remotely imperils my family in any way, you will be reading the updated manuscripts you forced me to rewrite by virtue of your illegal theft that shocked everyone except George Orwell and about 800 political prisoners in America who have similar stories to tell.

By the way, please unlock my emails and allow my phone calls to my family to go through. We don't care any more that you listen in since there is nothing we can do to stop you without $50,000 and a law suit. I could not even wish my wife and kids a Merry Christmas because of your NSA pals. Frankly, I no longer care if Jeb, Terry, Pierre and the others continue smuggling and laundering for another decade, but not at the expense of my family.

And trying to smear me on the internet will not change the fact that George H. Bush's personal mobile phone number was found with Barry Seal the day he was murdered nor change the words Jeb Bush spoke to Mr. Martin about Seal's forthcoming demise, nor change the reason why Canadian John Pierre Gonyou and Cliff Baxter and Ken Lay were murdered after their AFG contacts and after being betrayed by another Bush family member. Only a high school drop out believes that Baxter really shot himself, or health fanatic Gonyou died of a drug overdose, or Ken Lay's "heart attack" 3 days before he was going to tell all to a Senator, was not induced

If I too should suffer one of these sudden "heart attacks" I would urge all who read this open letter to stock up on ammunition, because it won't be too long before Uncle Sam starts demanding Americans to turn in their guns as the final surrender to the plutocracy the elite "New World Order" has been slowly imposing upon us all. Here is my full story if you think I am some conspiracy nut job: and remember that former President Jimmy Carter himself admitted, "We no longer live in a democracy". I could not agree more and here is why the Bush family bribed former PM Stephen Harper to look the other way as over $1 Billion of drugs was brought into Canada by Nelson's crew