Open Letter To The World's Honest Human Rights Lawyers Willing To Fight For Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

Subject: Open Letter To The World's Honest Human Rights Lawyers Willing To Fight For Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca
From: Former Federal Agent, Military Vet, & Fortune 500 Exec Bruce Gorcyca
Date: 7 Sep 2015

To any and all fearless, and honest human rights lawyers out there willing to take on Uncle Sam and their deviously corrupt system, I need your help. I have been exiled in China and separated from my family for 6 years, and experienced all the below before and after I filed a refugee claim in Canada that was never heard over an 8 year period even though my wife and children are Canadian citizens... I am a U.S. citizen, honorably discharged military vet who voluntarily enlisted during the vietnam war. I hold three degrees and worked as Fortune 500 company traded on NYSE after serving as U.S. Treasury agent, Department of Justice employee, and air traffic controller. I am also a 7 year Red Cross volunteer safety instructor, HRS-Certified volunteer AIDS counselor, a former volunteer Salvation Army house parent, PADI Scuba Instructor and...30 year whistle blower who reported 12 government and 3 corporate crimes. My situation is summarized here:

Here is why I need an honest and experienced human rights lawyer:

* I was tortured 3 months in U.S. custody in an effort to get me to sign a false statement that I had no knowledge of any government crimes. I did not sign it despite the abuse that is explained here:

* I was set up for fake crimes to discredit me by Uncles Sam, including a fake attempted murder. All but one one their shams back-fired and failed over a 30 year period.

* I was a witness to torture and murder of U.S. federal prisoners including Ralph Steele (who did NOT commit suicide at MCC Miami).

* I worked inside the government cut-out company American Financial Group (Aventura Florida) and witnessed extensive money laundering for drug dealers and the politicians like Jeb Bush who accepted drug money contributions and bribes to help get General Noriega a reduced sentence, pardon, or new trial from AFG President Ed Chism a 20 year veteran executive of the U.S. Justice Department.

In relation to AFG and as to how and why I reported them to the FBI you can read this letter I wrote to PM Harper of Canada

* I had my book manuscripts stolen from me by federal agents at gunpoint in front of witnesses who were then threatened with deportation if they did anything to try and help me. Ty West interviewed one of these witnesses. 5 witnesses still remain in North America.

* After I sought sanctuary in Canada with my Canadian wife, I filed a two page summary letter with Amnesty International in Toronto before being illegally "detained" by Immigration Canada for 10.5 months even though I was not charged nor indicted for any crime in any country. Even after being given a "voluntary departure order" by Immigration Adjudicator William Willoughby, I was still detained 2 more months - in maximum security confinement with Karlheinz Schreiber.

* During this false imprisonment some unknown prisoner tried to stab me without provocation but I was saved by Toronto Detective Abraham Bailey who grabbed the assailant. (See his sworn statement). Another person drugged me and then tried to suicide me but I was saved by some guy who got up in the middle of the night to take a pee and found me hanging.

* Atty Steve Finta, the partner of drug smuggler Terry Nelson (corrupt FBI agent) bragged to witness Erling Ingvaldsen that I would be dead within a month back in 1994. A week after being warned by Ingvaldsen, a drive by shooter took a shot at me at Fort Apache Marina in Miami and his bullets hit a pay telephone instead of me.

* After my business associate Al Chalem and I both received death threats in 1999 I went to Canada as the caller demanded. Al refused to leave the country and was found shot in the head less than two weeks after we last spoke in September of 1999.
(Google "Al Chalem murder") Al and I were both cooperating with the FBI and Al was under 24/7 surveillance at the time he was murdered. My cooperation was related to AFG and ended in 1996. Chalem and I were both involved in helping a former VP obtain unregistered shares of ENRON off-shore in 1998 and 1999

* Five different honest federal law enforcement agents from Canada and America admitted I had told the truth about government crimes and they tried to help me. All of them said they were told to "back off" by "Ottawa".

* A seven page letter was sent to the FBI Director as well as Senators Biden and Hillary Clinton (see attached) by a lawyer who started off doing the right things for me but then he himself was arrested and then strange things began happening with him. See:

* I became the subject of a fake extradition for a crime in which no victim was identified and for which I was not indicted and no charging documents were provided at the extradition hearing which absolutely required those charging document.

* I was illegally graymailed to leave Canada a second time after my charges were dismissed but at least tipped off that only China or Russia would be safe for me.


My family and I continued to receive threats and the lawyer William Gilmour continues to terrorize my wife. Someone shot up my wife's home and car, and a known mobster hitman also paid two visits there to remind us that he knew where we lived and that Canada was the safest country for us to live. But not for Nelson because he knew I could testify against him in Canada. So now I am stuck in China and my two young Canadian sons are growing up without a father.

Honest Human Rights lawyers with a verifiable track record are asked to contact me at [email protected]. I am willing to take and pass a polygraph and identify every perpetrator of murder, rape, extortion, money laundering, and torture.


Bruce A.Goryca
Exiled in Beijing China
My international telephone calls are blocked for 5 years