the truth of government censorship

Subject: the truth of government censorship
From: carli
Date: 6 Mar 2019

Censorship is defined as the suppression or prohibition of any parts of films, news, etc.
Censorship by the American government has been ongoing since the 1700’s when politicians first censored news companies, publications, and reporters for printing information that made them seem like incompetent people and threats to society if elected to presidency. “Censorship in the United States” (Head). I was first exposed to the topic of censorship while reading the novel Fahrenheit 451, books and other forms of media are censored to prevent citizens from creating free thoughts and questioning what the government has done. Censorship is not a new practice, but it is one that needs to be considered now as a threat to societies safety.

The governments censorship is a form of suppression because it keeps information from being revealed. As an active member of society, it is our duty to stay informed, when the government places restrictions on media and other information suppresses the rights we have as American citizens to make informed and reliable choices. If citizens had access to all information even those considered “classified” we would have all the facts needed to promote action and change to benefit our society and the lives of the people.

Some for government censorship could argue that the average citizen doesn’t need to know everything. The pentagon papers held classified information hidden by president Nixon and the United States government they considered this information to be a threat the safety and security of society. Parts of the papers were leaked to the New York times and exposed information that showed US leaders prolonging and escalating the war, which was unpopular with many Americans. “Censorship in the United States” (Head). This shows that government censorship is used to protect the image of government leaders not the security of our country.

Government censorship is not only a threat to society but a threat to our amendment rights. The amendments are the rights given to us as American citizens and have no room to violated for the benefit of advanced government officials. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” “U.S. Constitution” ( censorship is a threat to free press and speech. It limits what journalist can write about or report to its readers about current and past events. Censorship also prevents news reporters from sharing all details of crimes or national emergencies, the information could be imperative to the safety and in extreme cases survival.

Censorship is a topic that is not often talked about not just as a nation but on a global scale. Censorship goes all the way into our homes when we don’t tell children the full story of how things work or, even the mild and censored version of history that is fed to them at schools where everything they learn is controlled by a group or a higher power. It is used as a vice to control how we think or our attitudes towards people and decisions made by those above us, it hides the truth. Nothing frees you more than the truth.
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