To tell you would be disrespectful

Subject: To tell you would be disrespectful
From: An admirer
Date: 12 Feb 2022

You’re married.
But I like you a lot.
I find myself extremely attracted to you and I’m not really sure why.
Maybe it’s because from what I know about you; you can be silly yet serious, you’re super smart and confident, you’re passionate and driven, you make me laugh and I can feel my heart race every time I see you.
I get lost in your eyes… and the small smile you do, it lights me up to see it. You’re playful with me but distant… it makes me sad.
I really like you.
I want you.
But to tell you would be disrespectful to you and your marriage.
I hope they know how lucky they are to have you and I hope they cherish you.
You’re a rare find.
I wish you all the love in the world, I hope you are happy.
Superman. A joking nickname but one I actually see quite fitting.
From A wannabe Louis Lane.