From a Teacher's Heart

Subject: From a Teacher's Heart
From: Nishtha
Date: 12 Mar 2017

School…The word has always amplified the adrenaline level in me. Be it 10 years back as a student or today as a teacher. There are a lot of memories attached that I reminisce each day I walk in the school corridors and when I step into the classrooms. Sitting on the back benches to escape the teacher’s judging eyes, bunking classes, waiting to attend the school just to meet friends, long queues in canteen, and fights over petty things was a part of our daily routine. And now being on the other side of the table I realize what a nuisance we must have been for our teachers. We’ve all been there and have indulged in such mischiefs and trivia in our school life. Today I do not remember the marks I scored in each class, but yes, I do remember the time I spent with my friends.

Having lived that phase, I can relate to my students very well today. And this is the reason I share a strong bond with them. There is a lot of work pressure in teaching these days. But few words of respect and admiration from your students act as medicine for all the pains. I often get these beautifully hand-crafted greeting cards from my students, filled with their love, respect and kind words for me. These are the moments that makes it all worthwhile and keeps me motivated. When they come and share their happiness and grievances with me, when they call and message me to check on my well-being when I’m on leave, when they especially come for my blessings on their important days, It gives me immense pleasure and I feel accomplished.

This article is dedicated to all my students who come for career advice to me and trust me with it.

Greatest moments are the ones from school days and I am one of those lucky ones who’s still living it today as a teacher. Love you all kids..!

Now pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off and GET BACK TO YOUR BOOKS!!!