In support of Taylor Swift ref. "The Kardashian snapchat video and transcript".

Subject: In support of Taylor Swift ref. "The Kardashian snapchat video and transcript".
From: Chuck Wagner
Date: 18 Jul 2016

This recent pop culture "event" born out of sheer nastiness and propagated media hype is sadly indicative of a desensitization which thrives on the internet.

There's a great deal that's wrong in this age of (anti) social media and the present viciousness being spread in a literal conspiratorial manner against Ms Swift is wrong for many reasons; decency being first and foremost as this era truly lacks this value as proven time and time again.

It is illegal by law to record a phone call without informed consent of the called person.
For Ms Kardashian to have not only recorded Ms Swift but to then publish and promote it on the internet is in further violation of the law.

In Ms Swift's media response to social backlash calling her a liar she correctly stated that Kanye West never once used the word "bitch" when reading her the lyric. The transcript supports her claim. Mr West made reference on the phone call of intent to preview the finished song to Ms Swift prior to release and did not do so after changing the discussed lyric.

On reading this transcript, it seems to me as if Ms Swift is attempting to cooperate with another music industry presence yet the transcript reads as if she is uncomfortable
with Mr West, which is entirely understandable
and reasonable given his past repeated erratic behaviors toward her and others. It is as if Ms Swift's intentions were to maintain a grace and decorum to avoid any public backlash from Mr. West as such embarrassing media outbursts have been his method of operation.

Would Ms Swift have participated in the conversation knowing she was being recorded? Absolutely not. She was manipulated by Mr West and Ms Kardashian.

Ms Swift has had a long and uncomfortable history with Mr West ever since he stormed an award stage and interrupted the winner, Ms Swift, with a rant which disrupted the ceremony and brought considerable social media attention to Mr West.

Mr West has displayed public tantrums through past media which display, at minimum to be megalomania personality qualities. It led many to believe he suffers from mental illness, culminating both with his social media public posts to the CEO of Facebook where he begged for money to continue his celebrity life style and his inconsistent self glorification posts hyping what was a non released album during which he seemed to change his mind about it all in what seemed to often be schizophrenic babbling through his social media postings.

He is now using Ms Swift to promote this album by creating public drama through slanderous and manipulative means which has consistently been his method of operation. Why he gets away with this and even still has a career is honestly beyond me.

Additionally, Mr West is married into who is arguably the most sensationalistic "celebrity" family in the world, namely the Kardashians.

It is more than reasonable to assume the intent of the phone call, the video recording of the phone call and subsequent release to the Internet is a planned conspiracy to sell Mr. West's record by tearing down Ms Swift.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a phone call with a person of whom there have been difficulties in past and further who has the potential and possible intent of wreaking havoc on another's public image would most certainly be cautious and even conciliatory over the past to protect themselves from further attack.

It is my opinion, based on the transcript, that Ms Swift did exactly that.

Mr West wanted promotion from her for his album. After thinking over what was surely for Ms Swift an uncomfortable call with an unstable person, she decided after finally hearing the song which now included the derogatory word used by Mr West to define her that she wasn't going to be drawn further into his manipulations and as such, chose to not say to the media what Mr West wanted, hence the unlawful video recording being published by Mr West's wife as both retribution and self promotion.

It is not a lie for Ms Swift to have chosen to not say to the media what was discussed in the phone call after Mr West's action of releasing the song with the altered and unapproved lyric occured.

Additionally, Ms Swift is not under any ethical obligation to Mr West to recount publicly any private phone call especially when she had been deceived by Mr West. She chose instead to address publicly her position as a female artist without ever mentioning Mr West directly. She lied about nothing.

The only mistake, for want of a better word, Ms Swift actually made in the whole debacle was taking the phone call to begin with.

Taylor Swift is a proven role model for her young fans. Can Mr and Mrs West say the same about themselves?