Public Warning For Julian Assange of Wikileaks - Uncle Sam Will Try To Kill You

Subject: Public Warning For Julian Assange of Wikileaks - Uncle Sam Will Try To Kill You
From: A far away friend & former federal agent
Date: 26 Aug 2016

Hello Julian,

I tried twice to call you - the calls were blocked. I then tried to email you, but since you did not answer I assume the email was also blocked.

To be clear and to the point, you are a direct threat to the American oligarchy now in place just as my friends John Wheeler, John Pierre Gonyou, Al Chalem, and George Morales were also a threat and were promptly murdered in 2010 , 2001, 1999 and 1991. Cliff Baxter, Vince Foster, Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, Barry Seal, Aaron Swarz, and Seth Rich were also direct threats to the status quo. Like you they stood between corrupt officials and billions of dollars. Like you their silence could not be bought.

Now this only leaves one option remaining, since plan A was foiled by the good people of Ecuador. If not for their humanitarian efforts,you would have been criminalized, prosecuted, and convicted of false crimes and then targeted for a false extradition as was myself and German Karlheinz Schreiber a few years ago. They would not hesitate to lock you away for the balance of your life, Julian. Don't ever believe otherwise.

I was once told by Chief Justice Patrick LeSage "In real life politics often trumps justice". Unfortunately we all saw how that works with Bradley/Chelsea Manning who now resides in the prison cell that rightfully belongs to war criminals George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the brutal crew of that infamous helicopter that terrorized civilians in Iraq.

Julian, rest assured you are now a target since you bring the truth closer to the light of day every week with your efforts. They will not allow that truth to be removed from the shadows where they have deliberately and conveniently kept it for 15 years. They want you dead, and here are the ways they may try:

* Sniper using the famous heart attack dart or a bullet
* Anthrax via mail, courier or ventilation system
* Food or water poisoning
* Firebomb
* Poison gas
* An embassy employee
* Biological agent or toxic poison used with DSO on a surface
* A simple pipe bomb
* A gift delivery brushed with toxins or packed with C4
* Bird flu virus
* Mini drone
* Your own suicide (of course)

I would not be surprised if they even stage a huge street blaze or an accident of some tanker truck crashing into the embassy to force your evacuation. After all they are playing for all the marbles.

I sincerely suggest you install a security screen on the windows, and, and NBC detector in your apartment, and buy an hazmat suit with a gas mask and a few scuba tanks, and minimize your food deliveries. Of course, please stay away from the windows. You might also want to have a few doses of Atropine handy in the event a nerve gas agent is used.

I also suggest you have a physician certify your good health and post it online so we don't learn of some sudden illness and your demise.

None of us really know the full story of the fellow who played Spiderman on your building last week, but it is not a good omen. You, me, and most of the people in the world face a common enemy that is powerful, clever, and evil. Do not under-estimate them Julian.

Many people are counting on you to remain alive. Please do not disappoint us. There is plenty of work remaining between now and November. Please stay healthy and focused. Your efforts are very much appreciated by the masses, and we are not fooled by the media manipulation explained here.!

With nothing more, I look forward to the day that I can meet you and personally thank you for doing what every American should be doing right now... fighting government corruption.

Good day friend, and continued good health!

P.S. For those of you who appreciate Julian's efforts, I suggest you make a donation to his legal defense fund or that of Chelsea Manning. And remember... big bucks buys big secrets. What you don't know already has hurt you and killed over 3,000 American citizens while their true murderers walk free and exploit all of us on a regular basis.