Media Black-Out Ordered About Saudi 911 Murders & Hillary's 15 Year Cover-Up

Subject: Media Black-Out Ordered About Saudi 911 Murders & Hillary's 15 Year Cover-Up
From: A Very Concerned Citizen...
Date: 29 Jul 2016

The truthers, according to Senator Bob Graham and the notorius "28 pages" were telling us the truth all along - 911 was an inside job that the Saudi government paid for. Yes, that's correct, over 3,000 of our fellow Americans were murdered and three governments (possibly 4) knew in advance of the "attack" - America (Bush was warned by the CIA), Israel (Mossad warned key Israeli bankers in Manhattan to avoid NYC on 911) and Saudi Arabia which bank-rolled the hi-jackers and had secret meetings with Bush family members about the tragedy BEFORE and after the controlled demolition that brought down 3 buildings - not 2. Yes, of course planes hit the buildings but after 15 years of continued investigation, 60% of Americans know the 911 commission lied to all of us. By the way, the 4th government may be Russia, according to reliable law enforcement sources. See:

Those that tried telling us the truth for years were ridiculed, smeared, and some were even murdered, like John Wheeler, a former Presidential aide who collected a variety of information, (legal evidence) and photographs ranging from insider trading evidence of U.S. officials on Wall Street (related to Enron) to photographs of the black boxes a security guard had taken for him - yeah, the same black boxes the FBI and 911 commission said did not exist. But 3 FBI agents and Jesse Ventura also know they were Hangar 17 at JFK airport until a few days ago when they were removed. The same John Wheeler tried to recruit the help of Hillary Clinton in 2009 with "overwhelming evidence of government crimes and corruption". But John disappeared on in the last week of 2009 and was later found dead in a garbage dump after New Years Day still wearing $10K of gold jewelry. Some say John was and FBI informant but even his own wife refuses to comment. John did not know that Hillary and Jack Goldberg were good friends. John mistakenly believed that only Marc Rich and Hugh Rodham were Hillary's proxies.

Two other FBI Wall Street informants also reached out to Hillary, one by phone and one in writing. One was Al Chalem, and the other is a former Treasury agent named Bruce Gorcyca. Chalem was shot five times in the head while under the constant electronic surveillance of the the FBI. Gorcyca and his Canadian lawyer wrote letters to Hillary less than a week after 911 advising her of the Saudi connections to 911 and Chalem's murder. You can read those letters in quite a few places, including here,

Now please take note of the dates and also note that Gorcyca met and spoke with President Bill Clinton in 1997, three years before he sought sanctuary in Canada where he filed a refugee claim to remain safely in Canada with his Canadian wife and infant son. Why the hell would an American citizen ask for sanctuary in Canada? Because less than six months before he visited the offices of Amnesty International in Toronto, three bizarre events took place;

1) His associate Al Chalem and himself received identical death threats at the same time period, from the same people to leave the country or be killed (both men reported the threats to the FBI).

2) Book manuscripts to a book about government crimes and corruption Gorcyca took 10 years to write, were seized at gun-point by federal agents without a warrant in front of over a dozen witnesses. 15 government and corporate felony crimes were detailed in over 450 pages including murders, rapes of immigration detainees, Enron insider trading by government officials, and Panama bank accounts of over 100 U.S. officials opened at a company where he worked for 2 years - American Financial Group that is explained here:

3) Gorcyca was visited in Canada by four American agents who said "If you don't play ball with us you will be a defendant instead of a witness". When Gorcyca said he did not not ever want to return to America and testify against people who threatened to kill him and his then-pregnant wife, this is what happened to him;

But at least he is still alive - exiled in China, unable to see his wife or young children. Chalem and Wheeler and 4 other witnesses are dead (John Pierre Gonyou, Ken Lay, Cliff Baxter, and Scott Galin)

But Chalem, Wheeler, and Gorcyca had at least two people in common: former AUSA Jack Goldberg, and Hillary Clinton. When Gorcyca last spoke with Clinton regarding the letter he sent her, her only comments were "This better not have anything to do with that nigger Wayne" and "You need to deal with Debbie and only Debbie about this, do you understand?" and "Don't ever call me again". Who is Wayne? Good question.

Right now it doesn't matter to the families who lost loved ones on 911. What matters now is the truth of that day, the Saudis, and why both FBI Director Mueller and Hillary ignored the letters, video tape, and audio tape sent to them in packages that FEDEX confirmed they received - 15 years ago in 2001!

In 2007, Gorcyca was offered a deal in New York. "If you plead guilty to something, you can have your life back and go home to your family." He took less than a minute to think about it and replied "No thank you." Thirty minutes later, the most senior federal judge in America, Jack Weinstein, dismissed his fabricated charges. But instead of his nightmare coming to an end, it only got worse. For the rest of this story see:

Now that the media has been ordered to avoid the topic of Saudi Arabia's dealings with the Bush administration and Bush family business ventures with Saddam Hussein and various Saudis including the Bin Laden family, we are all to be distracted with the upcoming elections and both Hillary and Bill hope and pray the Clinton Foundation will not be exposed for all the money they received from bank accounts at Morgan & Morgan in Panama. BTW... Juan David Morgan is the cousin to Gorcyca's former boss Edward Myles Chism and they all met for lunch and meetings together at Fisher Island in 1995 to discuss some new Colombian clients. Guess who?

The man named in this Canada Law Society complaint knows the answer If there are any genuine Christians with a conscience left in America, it is now up to you to do the right thing and save our nation from the evils of corruption. Dare anyone enforce the law and provide "Justice For All" and not just the elite?

Wake up America, the real enemy is not overseas. The real enemy are not Muslims. The foxes are living in our henhouse on Wall Street - not Washington. They will not stop until they get all the eggs. The man behind the curtain pulling the strings and levers is not our elected president, and hasn't been since November of 1963.