provision of school meals

Subject: provision of school meals
From: Raj Birk
Date: 13 Nov 2014

Mrs S Flemming
School Meals Supervisor
Glebe Primary School
Sussex Road
UB10 8PH


Dear Mrs S Flemming

Re: School lunch information request.

We are a group of parents with children attending Glebe school. We firmly believe that food provided to the children should be from a safe, ethical and secular source. Whilst we are certain that Glebe shares our concerns, it would be reassuring to have confirmation. We would like to request some information regarding the provision of school meals.

Is the meat ethically farmed and slaughtered?

Is the meat subject to any particular religious treatment?

Could the caterer provide details as to how the meat is reared and slaughtered?

Which, if any, chemical pesticides or preservatives are used in growing and preparing the vegetables?

Finally we would request that for the purpose of clarity, items on the menu should be described consistently, (i.e by which meat they contain, not which meat they do not contain). Ritually slaughtered meat is not acceptable to Sikhs and should be provided on an opt in basis in a secular school.

I would be happy for you to forward this letter to the caterer to facilitate a quick and coherent response. All We hope that you can help us with this information to allow us to make an informed decision about the food our children consume.

Best regards

Raj Birk