PM Stephen Harper Violated The Law & Human Rights Treaty 8 Times With Fake Extradition Of Bruce Gorcyca

Subject: PM Stephen Harper Violated The Law & Human Rights Treaty 8 Times With Fake Extradition Of Bruce Gorcyca
From: A Victim's Advocate
Date: 5 Oct 2015

Most people of the world think that the United Nations Treaty of Human Rights is only for refugees. This is a false notion. We are all covered by its protections which you should read and know here

With America becoming a police state, almost 300,000 Americans are moving to Canada and abroad to begin a new life every year. This is a right every person has. Yet PM Stephen Harper does not want you if you are a whistle-blower or someone who knows about his secret crimes and treaty violations.

While most Canadians hold George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in contempt as modern day war criminals, PM Harper has actually come out and praised the pair and even endorsed torture as a legitimate "intelligence tool".

So when American federal agent whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca sought sanctuary in Canada with his Canadian wife and son, he was shocked to be arrested by immigration Canada and detained for almost a year with no explanation. Keep in mind he was not charged with any crime but was still detained in maximum security confinement ("based upon the request of the U.S. government") Amazingly, even after Immigration Canada Adjudicator William Willoughby granted Gorcyca a voluntary departure order, he was still detained another 3 months and not allowed to "voluntarily depart"!

Now when Harper allowed this abuse to take place, he was not only violating criminal and civil rights laws (kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and unlawful detention), he was also violating Canada's own Charter Rights and the United Nations Treaty on Human Rights, of which Canada was a co-author many decades ago!

PM Stephen Harper, just like Bush and Cheney, also placed himself above the law and compelled his Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to do the same by allowing a fake extradition for a non-existent crime with non-existent victims - just to remove an embarrassing political problem and potential witness from Canadian soil.

You see, if allowed to remain in Canada, Bruce could have been subpoenaed by the House of Commons or a criminal/civil court to testify about his inside knowledge of major money laundering operation involving both American and Canadian officials. See:

If Gorcyca was not removed from Canada, he might have to explain why he turned his back on Canadian investors when he received this letter back in 2006

So instead of doing the right and ethical thing, PM Harper chose to violate 6 laws, the Charter Rights of Canada, and The UN Human Rights Treaty. Now he dares to ask us to vote for him yet again??? If nothing else Mr. Harper is audacious.