PM Stephen Harper Is Inhumane - Falsely Extradited Torture Victim & Whistle Blower Gorcyca

Subject: PM Stephen Harper Is Inhumane - Falsely Extradited Torture Victim & Whistle Blower Gorcyca
From: Angry Humanitarian
Date: 1 Oct 2015


I have been reading of the plight of former U.S. federal agent whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca who was tortured 3 months in U.S. custody and almost killed when he sought sanctuary in Canada I read the stories at these links;

And despite being all of the below and the husband and father of Canadian citizens he was pounced upon and treated like a terrorist in Canada for 10.5 months even when he was not charged nor wanted for any crime.

* Honorably discharged military veteran (USCG)
* Former fortune 500 executive
* Former U.S. Treasury agent
* Former U.S. Justice Department employee
* Former air traffic controller
* Red Cross Volunteer Safety Instructor (7 Years)
* Trilingual
* Registered organ donor
* Volunteer civic leader for 7 years
* Volunteer Salvation Army house parent
* Volunteer AIDS counselor
* PADI Scuba Instructor
* Uni Grad with 3 degrees
* Married 17 years with kids
* Volunteer Little League Coach
* Mississauga Food Bank Volunteer
* Volunteer kids soccer coach
* Volunteer Santa Claus for orphan kids
* Pilot
* Worked undercover for IRS & FBI

PM Harper shamefully sent him back to America after ignoring his refugee claim for 8 years and not even answering his 4 page letter to him (see above letter in last link)

Now because of Harper's deceitful actions Mr. Gorcyca is wrongly exiled in China after he was tricked into going there with the promise he could return in 6 months! THAT WAS SIX YEARS AGO! He has young children growing up without a father because of YOU Mr. Harper. You advised that crooked attorney what to do and what not to do. People are not stupid. You knew from court filings that all of the below Bruce was subjected to in America only because he would not sign a false statement sir:

+ Burned him with cigarettes

+ Electrocuted him with tasers for a “demo”

+ “Water boarded” him prison style

+ Hog tied him for days

+ Beat him without provocation

+ Burned with pepper spray for refusing to speak

+ He was urinated on and fed feces

+ Sleep deprived the man for 3-5 days

+ Allowed him to be raped by a huge homosexual prisoner

+ Falsely told him his mother had died

+ Drugged him with Thorazine before showing him to a TV reporter so he could not talk

Yet you sent him back for more of the same. You care more about pleasing American tyrants like Bush than Canadian voters sir.

I hereby implore the UNHCR and World Court to either launch an indpendent investigation or order the man returned to his family in Canada. For those of you who do not know, once Mr. Gorcyca arrived in China for a 6 month visit, the US government put him on a no fly list until his passport expired and then refused to renew it in China! The U.S. embassy officials told him he must go back to the U.S. to renew it - the last place he probably ever wants to go!

Then to stop him coming back to Canada as a refugee the Canadian government instructed the crooked lawyer named in this law society complaint to file a phony police report to make Mr. Gorcyca inadmissible to Canada so that he cannot testify against people including three corrupt government officials in Canada and a murder suspect. http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress Like I said, not everyone is as stupid as you'd like us to be Mr. Harper.

To Mr. Gorcyca I urge you to publish your book even if you must write it again.

If Mr. Harper continues down this slippery slope of evil deception, it is only a matter of years before Canada becomes the 51st state of the bully empire that was once the most admired and respected nation on Earth.

Totally Disgusted
Victoria, BC

P.S. I urge everyone who reads this to express their outrage on their local radio talk shows and with your MP, Senator, Congressmen, local newspaper, and the BBC where Mr. Gorcyca was one a guest before Mr. Harper's government stopped him from donating bone marrow, a kidney, and liver to maimed Iraqi Children in 2004-2005. You have the warm heart of a corpse Mr. Harper. The photo is Mr. Gorcyca with his young son who he has not seen in 4 years compliments of Mr. Harper.