HUD and Illinois Government lets family die

Subject: HUD and Illinois Government lets family die
Date: 20 Jun 2023

It kills me to write this. I’m a mess. I’m actually going to die when I didn’t have to.
The 22nd is Thursday and I doubt the judge will give us more time, even though we should not be evicted in the first place. But, when you don’t have money for an attorney, you’re done in the court.
No one will rent to us because the inventory of homes is so limited that landlords can choose people with perfect credit and without disabilities, so that’s exactly what they’re doing. That’s definitely not us. I’m sure you could imagine what these medical problems did to our finances.
We don’t have any family so we won’t have anywhere to go. Shelters are full, but we’re on a waiting list. I can’t be by a lot of people with my immune deficiency anyhow, but it would be good if my daughter and husband could have a roof over their heads, if they ever do have an opening.
I can’t get my antibodies delivered anymore. I know what that means for me. Sepsis is agonizing. But, atleast I also know that I fought and tried everything that I could to prevent it.
We are honestly being evicted over discrimination because we were a little short on rent, not even completely short and the court had a program that would cover it, but she refused it. That’s called income discrimination, which is illegal in Illinois, but no one seems to care. HUD could even stop evictions while it’s being investigated, which we could easily prove, by the way, but they won’t even return phone calls that we’ve tried for months now. We were people with impossible circumstances and no one would help.
I understand what being forsaken means. No government agencies will help. They don’t even get back to us, and when they do, no help comes anyhow. Most of the local churches didn’t even get back to us. And, the one’s that did said that they’re not in the position to help. I’m declining pretty quickly and we’re not even homeless quite yet. I think it’s the stress. My God, my daughter doesn’t deserve this. Either does my husband.
I can’t bare the thought of her losing everything she has. Not being able to get her one seizure med delivered. Watching her Mom’s body shutdown. I’m so worried about things like how does she take her other medication or how will she go school, and where will she have access to a bathroom.
I can’t take the guilt of my husband not being able to work a regular job because he had to be here for us. He’s dealing with and dealt with all of problems because I was too sick too, and never had anyone to help. I was a financial death sentence.
None of this is right or ok. But, I guess that’s life. There’s nothing else we can do.
I’m just trying to reach out one last time. Maybe someone knows of something or of someone who can help. Maybe if we’re really lucky they could stay in a hotel periodically to get a little comfort here and there.
This taught me how important it is that when we vote, it’s for someone who cares. It’s mind boggling to me that no one does. It’s as though no one be bothered, even though it really was a matter of life or death for me. I don’t understand how you always hear about all of these programs that help people in need, and how other people get so much help, but that doesn’t apply to us. This sounds mean, but I hope that everyone hears and is made aware of what happened to me, when it could have been prevented. Then maybe people won’t be ignored in the future.
I’m hoping that my story will go far and wide, so that maybe something will change one day, and people won’t have to choose between surviving medically or surviving financially. I was so grateful when an article about us was released to bring awareness of the unfair choices some people have to make. The irony of my story is that we died financially to keep me alive medically just for me to die medically anyhow. So, ultimately I let my husband and daughter go through hell and and have no security for absolutely no apparent reason other than a little more time.
I didn’t want to die. But, it’s just a matter of how quick now.
I hope people remember my daughter and husband and help them one day.

This is a link to the article written about us