An open letter to Warren Buckley

Subject: An open letter to Warren Buckley
From: Mr madcat
Date: 4 Mar 2015

Mr Buckely,

I have left BT because of the way the company treats its customers. I am now with another provider that not only deliver what they promised but more and they are so much cheaper than Bt.

I received your letter dated 19th October threatening to hand my final bill over to a debt collection agency and I do congratulate you on your speedy threatening letter, however my final ebill which is dated 21st October shows that not only do you treat your customers with total disregard you also expect them to be physic and pay the bill before they receive it.

As I have now left the joke that you call a company due to the way that you treat your customers, I was going to pay the final bill and forget all about Bt, but as you have once again shown that BT should not be trading at all as any other company that showed their customers the same amount of disrespect that you have would be out of business full stop.

I am now going to report BT to Ofcom and provide them with all the evidence I have about the way BT has treated me and thousands of other customers with total disregard.

As dealing with my original compliant has taken so much of my time I will be billing BT as appropriate. This bill will be for 18 hrs of my time @ £39.75 per hour a total of £715.50. You have 14 days to pay this bill or I shall hand the case over to a debt collection agency, and you will need to pay additional costs and they might also take legal action against your company. Your credit rating may also be damaged.

Do I put BTs name or yours on the bill. Putting the company name on the bill may cause the company to be put into bankruptcy.


Mr madcat.