Open Letter To Target Corp

Subject: Open Letter To Target Corp
From: Mitch Berg
Date: 10 Mar 2015

Dear Target,

I’ve been a customer of yours for decades, like most Minnesotans. I estimate I likely spend well north of $2,000 a year at your stores, counting groceries and clothing.

And like about 180,000 Minnesotans, I have a permit to carry a firearm.

Minnesotans with carry permits are nearly three orders of magnitude less likely to commit a firearm crime than the general public; we are literally better safety risks, per capita, than your employees are.

Now, a group called “Moms Demand Action”, which is an astroturf pressure group owned and operated by billionaire ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg, is putting a lot of media pressure on Target to bar all firearm carry at your stores, nationwide, after the intemperate actions of a few “open carry” activists in Texas.

While your stores are indeed your property, please be advised that if you bar all firearms – including tactfully-concealed weapons that many of us carry for our and our fellow citizens’ protection, I will…:

Take my money elsewhere, and keep it there
Do my best, via this blog and my talk show, to make sure everyone I can possibly influence does the same.
There are twenty times as many carry permittees in Minnesota alone as there are members of all “gun safety” groups. And while we respect your property rights, given a choice, we will protect our rights first.

It is that important to us.


Mitch Berg