Open Letter for Parents of High School Students

Subject: Open Letter for Parents of High School Students
From: Zahira Nadri
Date: 19 Sep 2019

An Open Letter for Parents of High School Students
Dear Parents of High School Students:
Hello, I’m the second semester student at Grossmont College. Actually, I just came to the United States after graduation from high school in Afghanistan, and I have been in the U.S. for three years. When I start going to college I realized that there are lots of responsibilities that the parents of high school students should pay attention during their children are in the high school and they have plan to go to the college after they finish high school. For example, preparing the right classroom, help them to focus on their lessons to get good grade because having good grades is really important for high school students and help them for enter to the colleges without any assessment test. One of the best things that parents should do for their children is to prepare all necessities that they need like smartphone, laptop, and encourage them to think about their futures because the only way to get and have a bright future and a better life is education. Therefore, the parents of high school students must help their children to set a long term goal for their life and work hard to reach to their goals.
As a parent of a high school student, is to help that student make the best decisions during some of the most vital years of their lives. And help them to choose a good major and let them to know how they can be useful in a community and how they could have good communication with other people in a community. Parents have to be friendly and kind with their children and should always be honest to them, then children will believe on their parents and they will listen for their advice.
There is no bigger decision than trying to decide what to do after high school. I hope that student have highlighted the importance of higher education to your student. A post-secondary degree CAN open doors for them. The operative word here is CAN and this is where our conversation needs to begin. An education does not guarantee employment. An education does not guarantee ambition. An education, the cost of an education to be exact, can actually ruin your young adult’s financial life (Pete, January 10, 2012 Budgeting, College Planner).
Author Pete claims that children need their parents help until they become adult. Therefore, parents must give them advice and make decision for their life, education and their future.
Finally, parents are the first responsible for their children success and their failure. That is why, if they take good decision and make prior plan for their education and their future and encourage them to focus on their lessons for sure they will become among the successful student also they will make their family proud.
Zahira Nadri