An Open Letter to Parents of High School Students.

Subject: An Open Letter to Parents of High School Students.
Date: 17 Sep 2019

Dear Parent of High School students, I know you don’t think you don’t need my advice, but as an old enough man, I want offer you a guidance about how online presence may have a negative impact to your child in the future.

First of all, help your child to understand the purpose of social media account what they hope to gain from posting certain things or what their account are communicating. for example, tell them not to share photos or videos on social media which is they may regret later.

Second of all, warn your child on social media not to commenting with racist or bad language because this kind of activity it might cause a problem in their future. For example, they may disqualify a transfer to universities and not to succeed in their future. This happened to kyle kashuv who lost his acceptance to a university because of comments he made about a school shooting.

Dear, respected parent of high school students, to avoid all this kind of problems not to happen to your child, make sure you encourage your child to engage in positive social media platform and help them identify and set boundaries and expectations online not excepting friend requests from stranger. Also, think before posting etc. I know every parent wants their child to have options to peruse they dream and to have a quality of life than their own. As a result, of an online presence negative impact on a student’s future. All the time parent they have responsability to guide their high school students on right way.