An Open Letter To The Megan Stammers Case

Subject: An Open Letter To The Megan Stammers Case
From: Suki
Date: 10 Dec 2012

At the tender age of just fifteen we think we know everything. We shrug off our loved one’s advice, shake our heads at what our friends say and sod the media’s response. Megan Stammers could be the rule, she could even be the exception in this case. A young girl that has been pictured a victim of a child abduction scenario, yet to me this feels entirely wrong. The term ‘it takes two to tango’ rings a few bells in relation to this, but when one of those is someone under the age of consent, things start to look a bit iffy. And when the other is a man in a position of trust, heads begin to shake and tongues begin to tut.

We could say it is a modern Romeo and Juliet, we could say he’s a pedophile. But what we don’t know is what goes on behind closed doors. Megan Stammers (15) and Jeremy Forrest (30) are simply two people who appear to have fallen in love. Whilst their love for one another can raise a few eyebrows, is it all down to the age gap? Just six months from turning sixteen, Megan and Jeremy took off to France together. But why France? Well, the age of consent in France is just fifteen. Whilst the age in Britain remains at sixteen.

The intentions behind them fleeing together is yet to be fully explained, and while we all hold our beliefs and may be slightly cynical in thinking he was wanting to get her into bed, there is the opportunity to dig a little deeper. Their love for one another was definitely not well received in the UK, whilst they acted like any other couple whilst in France. It has been said that the couple intended on “lying low” for six months before returning to the UK as a ‘proper’ couple.

However, pushing the soppy drama aside, things start to look iffy in other areas too. Jeremy Forrest applied for work whilst in France under a false name, took Megan with him on his wife’s passport and kept her out of sight when arranging the hotel booking. The warning bells are beginning to ring…

In my opinion age gap isn’t important, and what is frowned upon here is that breakage of trust between a student and their teacher. Six months away from the age of consent won’t change her maturity level entirely, it’ll just mean they are frowned upon a little less. In my eyes, they did wrong, they know they did wrong, but they appear to be very much in love. After all, she went willingly to France didn’t she?



I mean the real issue isn't whether or not it would be frowned upon, I'd worry about what he's really after. What kind of 30 year old guy wants to date a teenager? If you were two years younger he'd be considered a pedophile. Make sure you don't blindly fall into this relationship just to satisfy some guy's sex fantasies.