Open letter to the Executive Board of Union Pacific Rail Road

Subject: Open letter to the Executive Board of Union Pacific Rail Road
From: FELA Plaintiff Cause No. 12-L-270
Date: 24 Apr 2018
UPRR wrecked my life

It is nice to know that you company holds the value of human life in the lowest regard. The fact that a judgement against your company for destruction of evidence, perjury and misrepresentation of evidence does nothing except give the attorneys of Thompson and Coburn, Harlan Harla and Tom Jones further excuse to bill UPRR for services rendered in the destruction of my life surprises me very little. UPRR has spent in excess of two and a half million dollars arguing that the accident that occurred was my fault. The accident that has stolen from me the ability to work in any of my chosen fields because of the now lack of physical ability to do such work, the accident that has stolen much of my mental processing power, so much so that if recalled to active duty I would be unable to return to service of the US Navy because of what your poorly trained engineer did to my brain. Permanent Brain Injury that leaves me with vertigo, tinnitus, short term memory problems as well as issues with my balance taking away my ability to operate a motorcycle. Your company has stolen from me a multitude of plans for my future. Millions of dollars is what your company has spent while at the same time they have prevented me from obtaining the medical treatment I need, going as far as to send me to a doctor that physically assaulted me (Dr. Richard Lehman). Who had a laugh about it and then produced a medical report that had more lies in it then the second download UPRC produced on the fifth day of the trial. Millions of dollars versus the five years of lost wages and no further medical coverage your company had the audacity to offer me for utterly destroying my life. It sickens my very soul that I spent twenty years defending your rights to take advantage of people and turn corporate greed into a high art form.
I know that you care nothing about my well being, if UPRR cared even an iota for the employees that it cripples it would rethink the business structure of allowing law firms to profit by the millions when an annuity and cash settlement to the injured party would save some of the precious billions that UPRC generates in profit every year. If this were a TV show or a hollywood blockbuster, the evil corporate giant would be shaking itself to death over getting caught red handed destroying evidence and then committing perjury to try and cover it up. Disgusting enough that UPRC presented falsified evidence, UPRR cares nothing about being held liable for malicious behavior towards a retired vet, as long as the UPRC can continue to waste millions of dollars on legal defense, even after they have lost the case. What is the reasoning behind this behavior because it makes zero business sense.
I truly hope you enjoy your insane monthly paycheck. The one that allows you to enjoy everything that life has to offer (Travel, recreation, good health care, education, etc.). I would leave you with the image of a man who had high hopes coming to work for your company, now a broken in chronic pain cripple who will spend the rest of his days struggling to do the things that he truly no longer physically capable of dong because of the UPRR and is policies to violate every regulations including some of its own. Preventing it from being responsible for having a training program that does nothing but set people up for failure. In my twenty years of service I held safety in the highest regard and the fact that UPRR violates any regulation so that it will not be accountable for its actions disgusts the Sailor that took Honor, Courage and Commitment as a lifestyle for over half his adult life. Every single person involved with this apocalypse of my existence should not be able to look into a mirror and not feel deep shame, but I guess that is what pills and booze are for, to justify your continued existence because you are a shining example of humanity. Or perhaps you just have no soul. May you live in interesting times and never have to experience the horror that I have at the hands of the UPRR.