An open letter to Donald J Trump

Subject: An open letter to Donald J Trump
From: Mark
Date: 21 Dec 2018

“An open letter to Donald J Trump”

Dear President Trump, the dawn of a new year approaches, and with this new era. Comes new ideals. One being that you should maybe stop and consider the possibilities of what NASA could do with the military's $717 billion dollar budget(1). But then again, that's just a thought.
Now, before I state the possibilities. I would just like to take the time to state that my argument is not one sided, nor biased. For I do understand your vision with military spending.
Having the world's largest army can help reinforce peace. Being that no one wants to pick a fight with the big man (US). However, your country has held this mantel for over 100 years. Yet all you have done is abuse your power. Considering the fact that since WW2. The United States of America has partaken in 5 major wars.
The sum total of those wars add up to $5 trillion in today's economy, and those wars were waged for oil, and to maintain the illusion that your nation has positive foreign affairs. Not for peace.
If your goal was to maintain peace, then you would apply your focus towards NASA and SpaceX. Seeing that the lack of natural resources is a global commodity, that organizations like NASA are trying to solve. However they have insufficient support.
If you go back to 1958, the birth of NASA. You can see how much progression they made in the span of 11 years as the moon landing took place in 1969. If you look at all the wars that the army have fought, there is a consistent trend of decline. For one war leads to another and nothing ever truly gets solved. Yet the taxpayer still pays for the government to make the same mistake over and over again.
Having said that, NASA is estimating a cost of (2) $450 billion to send the first manned mission to Mars. Leaving hundreds of billions to spare. NASA’s potential does not only lie in its Mars mission. But when you look at the big picture, NASA will be the future of our existence due to the fact that we are all simply outworking this planet. Meaning colonizing habitable planets will be our future.
With that being said, I still think that there is time to make amends. As again, a new year is coming. Perhaps it is time to try something new.

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