An Open Letter to Customers from The Brands

Subject: An Open Letter to Customers from The Brands
From: The Brands
Date: 4 Mar 2015

Dear Customer,

So glad you like the stuff! We do make great toothpaste and laundry detergent and we really appreciate your loyalty. We’re really glad the food is good and the car works well. But, we’re worried about you. The fact is, we don’t know why you buy, and we don’t know what the triggers are. We would love to figure that out.

TrustedHonestly, we don’t mean to stand in your way and trick you into clicking on stuff, but if we didn’t we’d have no idea how we would get our products in front of you. You’re wiley. You make erratic decisions. Sometimes you buy from the end cap, and other times you don’t. How are we supposed to interpret that data? If we could find a way to know what your intent was and when you were ready to buy, we would be happy to get out of your way and maybe even bid on your business. But that system isn’t really in play yet. If we had this information, we might be able to tailor things more directly for you and make our products even better. Knowing what matters to you and how you buy is something we spend a great deal of time and energy on, and sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels. Maybe we could work on that together. Could save us some money and you some time.

The idea of getting information from your friends is awesome. We do know that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tactic. The challenge we run into is that we have no control over it, and that is scary. How can we get that word of mouth going in a new way? Any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. What kind of tools could we provide you to share us with your friends when you have a good experience?

Finally, we pledge to work on the authenticity of our content on the website. We know it all sounds the same and that you could get schnockered playing Internet bingo with words like innovative, partner, and disruptive. But, we don’t really know how to do it the other way. There are some in our department who are convinced that social media has opened us up to being more authentic, but it is really difficult to get that through legal, #amIright?

We are listening. We are trying to do better, but please keep buying our stuff and be patient. We are going to get there at some point. Thanks for the feedback. And we would love to know even more ways we can make our solutions work better for you.

Best wishes,

The Brands