An Open Letter To Busy Boyfriend

Subject: An Open Letter To Busy Boyfriend
From: Your Lady
Date: 12 Nov 2016

Dear Busy Boyfriend,

Let me start by appreciating you, for all your hardworking and determined self. Your efforts towards your work and simultaneously towards our relationship have been tremendous. I understand your dedication towards your work and also the stress that it comes with, however, I am a left in an ambiguous state of mind. To be honest I am not sure whether o fight for your attention or to let you work even when I know your work would win all your attention.
I do crave for your attention, but I don’t want your work to be affected because of that. But it does hurt to be sidetracked as your second love. I know you are working hard towards your future (probably ours). If you keep working such long hours perhaps we could lose the build-up of our love-story.
Whenever I call you or text you, you are busy. At times it disturbs you. But know this my love, that sometimes I just call to let you know that I love and appreciate you and that I am proud of you. I might come across as an always angry and a nagging girlfriend, but I am doing this so that we don’t give up on each other for our careers. Its easy to end a relationship than to invest in a person, to understand a person and to be sure that this is the person who makes me happy, this is that person whom I want to keep happy!
Someday I want us to live in the same city, go on dinner dates in pajamas or to walk the dog. The evening walks and the car rides that we had are indeed the best memories so far and I want to make more memories with you. I demand no expensive gifts, no over romantic candlelight dates. A simple text from you makes me happy; a voice note brings joy. I am head over heels in love with you. This might sound straight out of an exhilarated high-school girls head. But true to the fact that you give me the autumn love blush every time we meet after a long time and I fall in love with you all over again.

Call me when you are free, pacify me as i would be angry as always and make me smile. As always.
Untill then...


The awaiting girlfriend.