An Open Letter to annoying high school seniors

Subject: An Open Letter to annoying high school seniors
From: everyone
Date: 19 Apr 2016

Dear All annoying high school seniors,

We've all seen your "blah blah class of 2020" posts on Facebook. We get it, you're seniors and you're leaving for some college. I've tried my best to miss you but the year just keeps droning on and on; suddenly I don't find myself missing any of the seniors anymore. Every time I open my eyes to a new day of school, I realize you're S T I L L here. Do us a favor and leave already! LEAVE! LE-AVE! GOODBYE! I'm tired of hearing about whatever school you got into and what your future "job" is going to be. Please, just go already. Just rip off the band aid. Leave for that school you got into by a hanging thread. Just go.

Yours truly,
every other high school student