Open Letter

Subject: Open Letter
Date: 23 Feb 2017

Dear people who’ve been taught to believe certain things,

One day I walked into class and was told to choose a book to read. The book I choose was the Brave New World. It looks like a book I might be interested in, but turned out to be too complex even to me. The story is about a controlled futuristic society, referred to as “the brave new world state” The story started off with a tour around a factory that are fertilizing human beings in test tubes where they’re being brain washed before birth. They’re taught the value of society over the individual. Every person exists to serve the community. It’s their job to be consumers and workers which keeps the economy stable. Our government today has set up our schools to value the society over the individual just as Brave New World does.
Just like we are in schools, the humans are divided into various groups, alphas, betas, Gammas, Deltas, and epsilons. Alphas are smart, tall and muscular. Epsilons are short dumb and ugly. In this book sex is so casual. A man can literally ask a woman to have sex and she’ll be down for it. Orgies are even required bi-weekly. The coworkers lenina and henry sleep around all the time. Our school has even named a group of students they organized alphas.
It’s kind of hard to relate to this book, but as I read through this and searched up my spark notes I slowly started to realize how brainwashed these citizens are. They’re taught believe that their society is the most important thing in their lives and that they only exist to serve the community. As a member of our current society I feel the government has done a little brainwashing on us too. We are forced into schools and made to believe letters and percentages affect our whole life. 2014 Studies say 65.9% of us went to college that year.
This proves to me that you don’t have to follow what society does, you can take other paths then the ones they set out for you. For example, the scores you take on standardize test don’t follow you into your later life but society brainwashes you to think they make or break the way you will live.
So it’s time for us to start taking our own paths, not necessarily dodging education but being more aware of this situation. If you don’t want to go to college and want to do something else, then do it. Don’t believe that you have to follow society in order to be something great. - 5fe9703a6f0d