To My Beverly Hills Workers Comp Attorney

Subject: To My Beverly Hills Workers Comp Attorney
From: C.C.
Date: 9 Dec 2015

Dear SH,

I am not sure what this cryptic email is supposed to prove. It says nothing, and it looks fake. Obviously, you’re trying to cover your a**.

You still haven't told me what I can do to help my financial and housing situation. You told me to get a loan against my Workers’ Comp case—a Payday Loan when these are illegal here in California. I've already let you know that I am homeless. I'm sleeping in my car.

It's ironic that at my deposition, you cared to bring up my dog. Surely, you must know that I cannot go to a shelter with a dog. On the other hand, is my having to decide whether to abandon my 15-year-old Chihuahua that I've had, since he was 7 months old, or to seek shelter only for myself–not a concern for you? He and are both disabled.

Your consistent actions show me that the answer would be no—you don’t care me or my dog.

You haven't shown any interests in my health, safety, Rights–Constitutional, Civil, or otherwise. You've made it clear that you don't care about anything of mine that you do not benefit from directly.

You are still my attorney, because you have so mangled, and corrupted my case that no other attorney will take it. Of course, you wish to remain appraised of all settlement amounts, and totals as you try to withdraw from me. I’m your Chanel shopping money!

I find it odd that you have not fought, or as hard for me, as you have to get away from me, when all I've wanted you to do was settle my case. You can remember that I have a dog–when it suits you. However, if you think for one minute that I am going to let you dump this mega case—a case that I never wanted and one that I designed to be settled early—when you got greedy—you’ve got another thing coming.

I like designer clothes just as much as you do, but I had to sell all of mine on the streets and on eBay. It’s lucky for you that the Workers Comp Appeals Board Judge mistook my request for an Expedited Hearing as yours, and downgraded the issue to a Mandatory Settlement Conference instead. You’ll hear from me again before court next month. Thank you.