Mr. Right for Me

Subject: Mr. Right for Me
From: Ms. Right for You
Date: 10 Jan 2022

[Mr. Right for Me – I’ve met pieces of you in people I care about, but hopefully one day I will find many of these pieces in one person.]

I love how you roll with it when I pitch ideas and how you show faith in me whenever I tell you about a new goal I’ve set for myself.
I appreciate how you challenge my self-doubt and remind me of previous successes.
I love how you share your hopes, dreams, and goals with me and let me in, so I can support you in things that make you happy in life.
I love how we are each other’s cheerleader: encouraging each other to go for things we want no matter how big or small and no matter what obstacles we may face, because we face so many of them as a team.
I love how we daydream together and let it lead to new things to hope for and new fun adventures like a road trip or dreaming of a house where we would want to live one day.
I love how much we laugh together and respectfully and flirtatiously we tease one another.
I appreciate how in the midst of an argument we still put effort into understanding the other’s point of view, and how, even when we cannot compromise and have to agree to disagree, we navigate toward one another in the end.
I love how you seem to care about how I feel and how you share your feelings with me as well.
I love how we love being together and how we comfort each other or let each other be when we need to be left alone for a while.
I love how you are completely yourself with me and how I can be all of me with you.
I love how we can accept each other as we are, including our imperfections and struggles in life.
I love the idea of one day meeting someone like you, and dream of feeling that it is mutual and that I do not only choose you, but you are all in choosing me…