MLK day

Subject: MLK day
From: Eldorado walters
Date: 26 Jan 2020

let me say I'm personally offended that a couple of jackoffs host on Cnn & MSNBC who are Lemon & Hayes showing a tweet from that racist bigot lazy fat ass piece of sh*t Donald Trump the unemployment among blacks on MLK day .I can't speak for every other black me Donald Trump hasn't done nothing for blacks that include unemployment for blacks he a piece of sh*t who want to away from Martin Luther King holiday making about him F you cnn & MSNBC .Martin Luther King stand for equal of all kind Donald Trump stand for nothing but insults towards minorities as well his political base . this is guy who discriminate housing for African American along his father saying that blacks are lazy etc and you two individuals want to display his insulting tweet on Martin King Luther day give me a break! I say this to all of you Trump's supporters viewers that watches MSNBC or cnn F all of you Donald Trump particular can go F himself as well his base . His tweet wasn't a sincere tweet it's like a straight up insult from a guy who never work a day in his life so far being in office for three years he done nothing but eat play golf sh*t insults people on twitter etc. He sucks as a commander of chief ignorant doesn't take the job seriously doesn't take in the info nor read his material presented to him but, the one thing he can do is make cuts to programs that help the less unfortunate that's the only thing he good at.this day was suppose to be the life of Martin Luther King for hope prosperity & good for all people not some orange buffoon clown that was lucky to be sitting in the WhiteHouse F you Cnn & MSNBC!