Merry Christmas to the World

Subject: Merry Christmas to the World
From: Average American
Date: 23 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is for everyone in the world, no matter your race, gender(s), religious preferences, etc. I know I have just offended over half of the world so sorry but it is my belief and right to say "Merry Christmas."

This should be a world filled with love all year long. The feelings of Christmas, those wonderful, hope-filled feelings that everything is going to be okay should last all year.

The way people come together to make sure shelters have money, food, clothing, etc. should happen all year.

We should be doing this all year. Efforts should be made all year to pay kindness, trust, food, shelter, clothing, etc forward. A truce should be called, especially here in the United States. Our country, the greatest in the world, for showing compassion to others isn't showing it to our own citizens.

Instead, we have turned into a bunch of entitled sore losers that cannot have intelligent conversations without becoming teenagers in high school again. (Actually, to all mature, responsible teenages out there, I apologize; maybe I should say adult toddlers throwing temper tantrums.)

Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression are two different things. Please try to remember that when you are getting ready to destroy other people's property and assault them. Words are just as harmful as actions; so make sure if you are protesting this holiday, you use spell check and an online thesaurus to get those signs right. It would be terrible if you are using that expensive education you are earning in the wrong manner.

Please try to remember that most of the time there are children present so when you decide that foul language is an appropriate response don't be surprised when you are called to school to explain why your child is using the exact same language when berating someone who didn't give into their demands.

In this day and age of trophies to everyone and no one is held accountable for their actions, how can you be surprised when someone gets in your face and starts screaming their displeasure? When these same people are "surprised" that someone does hold them accountable for their actions; that is when they need to be videod. The shock on their faces is priceless when they don't get a free pass for acting in a reprehensible manner.

But again, in the spirit of forgiveness that is called Christmas, I forgive almost every act of rudeness, entitleness, self-centered behavior I have been and will be a witness to over the next few days.

It takes every ounce of restraint I have not to slap the sh#t out of adult 'toddler" (Liberal) I have been around showing that behavior.

So Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New 2017!

I am an Average American and I approve this message.