Media (ny times,Washington post, cnn ,msnbc)

Subject: Media (ny times,Washington post, cnn ,msnbc)
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 12 Mar 2018

I like to say to all the media that cover Donald Trump & the WhiteHouse on every news related stories continue on doing what you do and that's present the stories as accurate and straight forward with the facts .their are people like me who wants true &;accurate facts on stories I' m not into all of that nonsense conspiracy opinions analysis stories that other hosts who shall be nameless that simply just annoy the stories that actually presents facts of importance instead you're find these host much whether talk about molito's cheeseburgers. I can't speak for everybody but. I can speak for me that I prefer to get stories with facts from honorable journalists who goes out their & get the stories presented to the american public knowingly they're going to get harass threatened with constantly calling the media fake news the enemy of the people not true .so I say last to all the media that present the news thank you for your hardwork & dedication to reporting the stories with honest & intregity!