A letter to the Ukrainians

Subject: A letter to the Ukrainians
From: Wales
Date: 10 Mar 2022

Our hearts are breaking as we watch the terrible slaughter of your people and the devastation of your country by the Russian invasion.

We are reaching out to offer our love and support in all the ways we can.

We are a small country, just 3 million people, far from you on the opposite side of Europe. But you are not far from our hearts. We have raised £6.5 million to help your country, joining the whole of Europe to support you in your suffering and grief.

There are many connections between our countries, one very special one. A young Welsh journalist, Gareth Jones, was the only journalist in the world to report on the slaughter of 3.9 million Ukrainians by Stalin. He was murdered for doing that, at the age of 29.

We want to welcome you to our cities. We want to welcome you to our mountains. We want to welcome you to our Valleys. We want to welcome you to our “Nation of Sanctuary”.

But our hearts are heavy because we cannot.

The Government in London overrules our Government in Wales and prohibits you coming here, unlike other countries in Europe. Our hearts are burning with indignation that our London Government can thwart our desire to share our common humanity with you.

We want to assure you of our deep sadness and regret at this situation and we promise to struggle tirelessly so that one day soon you can find sanctuary in our most beautiful country!