Letter to prime minister for cancellation of offline board exam

Subject: Letter to prime minister for cancellation of offline board exam
From: Animesh Rajput
Date: 26 May 2021
Having concern of thousands students regarding boards.

Dear Prime Minister,

Sir, My name is Animesh Rajput. I am class 12th student who is voicing the concern of lakhs of students across India. Today, on 24th may 2021 more then 2.5 lakh cases comes daily and approximately 4000 people died. Experts are saying that students are in danger of third wave which is deadly for students. I hope, you can feel the pain, stress & anxiety which are students facing from months. Even, I have lost my loved one’s too & My parents also tested positive. I and lots of like me suffering from lungs and cardio diseases, doctor warns me if I takes covid lightly then it will we my last mistake.

Sir, please take time to look at the various concern regards class 12th board exams 2021.
• Sir, currently in India more than 2 lakhs of children are fighting from covid and large number of students will be exposed to virus.
• Students, teachers and invigilator go back to small towns in lockdown so it is risky to travel with huge crowd. And virus can also spread to their family members.
• More then 80% of students in CBSE are from lower middle class so, if CBSE conducts exam then students have to travel using public transport which can be cause of many deaths.
• Medical services are too expensive and insufficient in present situation.

Some more concern regarding options which CBSE has proposed.
• Sir, students wants to end this session as soon as possible but CBSE proposals elongated this session.
• Teaching have been online and expecting students to give exam offline is contradictory and unfair.
• Students which has enrolled in foreign universities eighter have to submit their marksheet before upcoming 1.5 to 2 months or drop session 2021-22 this leads to financial, educational and mental loss. And exam can’t be wrap up before 3 to 4 months if we follow CBSE proposals.

Sir I am here not only with problems, I have suggestions too.
Offline exam must be canceled and we should prepare progress card on basis of internal assessment or reference from past three years exams or on basis of half-year exams, unit test & practical marks or may be open book exam as chhattisgarh government has done or we should make proportions/ give weightage like Halfyearly(50%),viva(20%), practical assessment(20%), oral test (10%). And give chance to those student who want to sit in exam whenever condition stabilize.
(All the concerns and suggestions has been discussed by group of 5000 students)

I also have some questions from you.

Sir ,if even one child will died during exams then who will responsible?

Our infrastructure is not so developed to conduct online exam what mistake students has done in this?

So its my humble request to cancel offline board exam so assessment process done in minimum time and we can take a step toward whatever we want to be.

Thank you

Yours loved one’s
Animesh rajput