Homeschooling and people of color

Subject: Homeschooling and people of color
From: Shurenda Siler
Date: 1 Nov 2017


I am a homeschooling parent in Greenville, Ms. I follow all the rules fill out all the paperwork and do not have school during the summer months, so imagine my surprise when in early to mid June a Ms. Esters showed up at my house with 2 other workers to inform me that I was under investigation because a woman who had never been in my house and did not know me or my children called them to say that her sister my 6-year-old at the time was not in school.
Now let me say again she lives in California, she does not know me and this was in June but calling her moms friend who works at CPS gave her leverage because Ms. Esters does not believe in " homeschool" her words to me.Now because I went to her supervisor who was never in the office she decided that it was her right to tell whatever lie she wanted to put in her paperwork, knowing her supervisor would back her,but because it was June and I had all my papers in order she now needed a new reason to come into my home, so she and her friends just show up whenever they feel like it and told me that is their right given to them by their job, so now we have a court date and I have never been served anything because she gave my case to their worker known as " miss snatch em" a Ms. Scott who showed up at my house knowing I was at work to take pictures. But the irony of all this is if they had done their homework they would have known my mom homeschool my children till the 11th grade and send them to get their GED or Diploma when they pass her prep test and show they have mastered high school and first-year college prep courses. I wonder if I was a woman of any other race would this be allowed to happen and Ms. Scotts' family knows how homeschool works,who is suppose to help me and when did I committe a crime by doing what hundreds of thousand parent do daily.