A helpful letter to men with small penes

Subject: A helpful letter to men with small penes
From: Your friend.
Date: 12 Apr 2016

Hello. How are you today. I would like to begin this letter by stating that I am a woman and understand how difficult it is to be born with a small penis. No man chooses the size of his penis, if men could choose every man would be well hung and penis size would not be an issue. However, that is not the case and penis size is an issue and it is one issue that is the most and still least talked about on the planet. How can it be the most and least talked about you ask? Well, we women speak about at great lengths with each other and men also speak about it with each other but we never seem to speak about it with the opposite sex. I would like to change that. I am sure that we all would like to enjoy sex all of the time, every time but there are many misconceptions about penis size and function standing in the way. Please, let me tell you about the problems that I have had with small penes. I've dated men with less than 3" penes and upon trying to find different ways to make sex enjoyable for the both of us I was met with immature hostility and blame. So out of fear and shame I did and said nothing, lay there night after night pleasure less, and cried about being so unsatisfied. On the opposite end I had a lover with a small penis go above and beyond anything a reasonable lover would do with hours of foreplay and sexual attention. With this man I had multiple orgasms nightly and he would still CRY and accuse me of faking saying that he wasn't man enough to satisfy me.
I believe that the emotion that came from both of these men originated in the same place, previous relationships. I think that women my have complained about the size of the penis and offered no help in solving the problem. Maybe they complained and complained until these men snapped, both in different directions obviously. I have always wished that there was a way to help men learn to satisfy a woman without causing serious psychological damage. I will not even pretend to understand why men have such a difficult time believing that they could have a small penis. And while I can not make a man know and understand that his penis is small, or make a man know and understand the connection between his lack of care about his penis size and his wife's outrageous level of sexual frustration. I can share my thoughts and hope that men share their thoughts with me.
Throughout my various experiences with men I discovered one issue that most men have in regards to women. Many men believe that we are interchangeable and what "works" on one will "work" on another. This is not true. Every safe, no matter how similarly built, has a different combination. That being said, I'm not going to lie to you. Size does matter, unless your 18 years old then they are all big and five minutes is all night long. Don't get me wrong size isn't everything but it does make your job easier. Many people will tell you that the average penis size is 3-5" and 6-7" is big. This is somewhat true. While having a 7" penis makes life a bit easier it is no free ride. You will still need to put in effort. Not like those lucky 9" guys who get to just lay there. If you are on the small to medium side there are a few things you should know.
1.) Yes, she knows and she is not going to tell you unless you really let her know that you can handle an adult conversation about your penis.

2.) When she yells at you and tells you that it is small it is not to hurt you. As women we keep an itemized internalized list of all of the shit that we put up with ready to go at a moments notice. And while your small penis maybe something that you feel is off limits, your girlfriend or wife does not. She passes up the neighbor's BIG hard dick everyday. Do you know how easy it is for a woman to get laid? Men are paying for it. She could easily give it away for free so give it up to her, your small penis is potentially a relationship issue. She gets points. Don't dismiss the fact that you have a small penis just because she brings it up in the heat of the moment. She's with you for you regardless of your penis size don't take that for granted.

3.) It doesn't matter how big or small your penis is it only takes 45 minutes of constant penetration to make a woman orgasm. I wish I knew who started that rumor. That person should be dragged through the streets. The High Sparrow should make him do one of those nude repentance marches. Yes sex for 45 minutes is expected but you must listen to your lady's body and always put forth maximum effort.

4.) Foreplay is your new bestie. What you lack in size you can makeup for in other places. It is always good to remember that foreplay is more than just oral sex. Also there is no shame in asking her what she likes. If she tells you don't question it or make her feel ashamed just do it you just might enjoy it as much as her. She may even want to do something special for you.

5.) Don't get angry, frustrated, or overly emotional. And never, never, never carry sexual baggage from an old relationship into a new sexual relationship; even if it is a one night stand. Accept the advice even if you don't accept the woman, your next lady will appreciate it. And last but certainly not least.

6.) Your penis is small. This is not a matter of opinion. Yes this woman said it is small but that woman said it is average. Now this woman says that it's big. Are all of these women crazy? Is penis size subjective? NO! YOUR PENIS IS SMALL! Women will lie to you about your penis size for various reasons I could be self preservation, some men get super angry even violent. Or it could just be that she likes you and doesn't want to hurt your feelings like when Cindy Crawford's Down syndromed younger sister Mindy Crawford asks her boyfriend if he thinks Cindy is more attractive. He may also have down syndrome but he's not stupid. "Of course not Mindy. You're the most beautiful woman in the world." If you are unsure if your penis is small just ask or compare it to your friends. A sure fire way to know if your penis is small is to ask all of your exes. They have no reason to lie to you. Also if your current lover really loves you and she says its small then it's small. Women will always tell you it's big in the beginning just like some women don't mind faking orgasms in the beginning.

Now, if you have a small penis and know it please don't treat women poorly because of it. And don't just give up. Try, try, try, until you find something that works for the both of you because I can not tell you using words the sadness a woman goes through after weeks of orgasmless sex. That, my friend, is a tale that only be told through interpretive dance and intense weeping. I hope that any part of this letter helps you and if you have any help to offer me I will happily accept it. Thank you.