Fashion of Feminism

Subject: Fashion of Feminism
From: diya bhatia
Date: 14 Aug 2017

NOTE : The following article is a reflection of my own ideas regarding feminism today. Although it might sound generalized, it is only based on the behavior I have observed. Anybody agreeing/disagreeing is free to provide feedback through comments.

Since a few days now, I had been observing the rising 'obsession' over feminism. It struck me this morning, when I picked the newspaper only to come across an article promoting just that. I was so disturbed, that I just abandoned the newspaper altogether. I thought of putting this rage to some use and writing about it. I am not sure if a lot of people think this way though.
Most people today are focusing and giving much thought to the idea of feminism. This is a result of many years of suppression of women in society. They were deprived of many rights and privileges provided to males. This does not, however, give them the right to harrow their male counterparts in the name of 'feminism'.
Although it is valid for females to revolt against years of patriarchy, it is not acceptable of them to abuse men physically/mentally on these grounds without reason enough. However, this is the reality today. Even innocent acts on the part of men are enough to get a female enraged today, and fight on feminist grounds. This is not a fight for equality, but a new form of inequality. Instead of men ruling over women, women today are actually going beyond ruling over the men. Sadly, they themselves may be unaware.
Another trend that I have observed is that every time a bunch of intellectuals ponder upon an aspect and display their views on it, it suddenly becomes the popular and global belief. It seems as though people have stopped sparing a thought before acting. The fight for feminism is valid in cases of rape/molestation etc. but not in regular and day-to-day events. That is NOT the appropriate application of feminism. It is not even 'feminism'. Some of the 'intellectuals' out there should find a new term for this behavior.
What is the point of one million people reflecting the thoughts of a few thinkers ? The answer is, there is no point. Many people often do not even spare a thought before sharing feminist articles on social networking sites. They might feel that they will now successfully appear to be 'sensitive', but in my opinion they are just the opposite of that. The idea of true feminism is a sensitive one, but most people ranting about it are actually the ones who are least sensitive to it. In fact, the ones who know the true essence of it, talk less and do more. They take action. They do NOT share Facebook feminist posts.
Many individuals today spend their entire lives without coming up with anything original from their sides. Some of the pro-feminism people are one of these that I am talking about. But even if they cannot manage to bring up an original argument, why do they have to keep stressing over popular and mainstream beliefs? I do not think it possible for the entire world to think the same thing at the same point in time. There has to be a balance between supporters and those against a particular idea. In my opinion, most people talking about feminism would themselves be unaware of what it is that they are promoting. It might not even strike them that they simultaneously share two opposing messages on Facebook. These are the people who blindly follow the herd, and try to appear sensitive, as I mentioned even earlier.
This is probably the psychology of 'feminists' today :
1) Everyone is talking about feminism
2) How can I lag ?
3) Let's share feminist posts (and annoy everyone) and appear to be smart.
Are they even aware of the possible consequences ? Soon enough, men might suffer from an inferiority complex, just the way women had since a long time, until feminism became a joke of the media. Some people are so used to following the herd, they are not well-acquainted with the process of 'thinking'. They just promote popular beliefs, as if it is not already spoken enough about. This is not something I would call sensitivity. It is hunger for attention and fame, and the satisfaction that comes with the idea of being intelligent. This is not something I would call intelligent either. I am not aware of what others think about this very trendy feminism (from which the main sensitive part has been sucked out), but I find it highly annoying. It must be controlled. A topic like this cannot be discussed over a cup of coffee in the middle of the day.
Suddenly one day, the 'intellectuals' will realize that we are surrounded by super feminism (which would by then, result in matriarchy), and drag the focus of innocent people towards something as redundant as 'masculinism'. Why can anyone just not strike a balance and promote gender equality in all fields ? The people who are well aware of the idea of true feminism, aim at gender equality. The rest of the people simply chatting over it are promoting nothing but another, new form of INEQUALITY. WHAT IS THE FUN ? Earlier the trend was men suppressing women, and now it is vise versa. Women today are harrowing men mentally/physically in the name of 'feminism'. The irony, however, is that they have not understood what it stands for. The concern now, should shift from promoting feminism to making people understand it first.
Teenagers over social networking websites mention '#Feminist' in their introductory paragraphs. They write 1000 lines to promote it as well. I do not find this behavior appropriate. It is turning into something ugly. They share 2 Facebook posts regarding feminism, and find it okay to call themselves feminists, and write stupid articles on the same.