Eyes Wide Open

Subject: Eyes Wide Open
From: The Intern
Date: 25 Aug 2020

Dear J,

To say my internship ended badly would be an understatement. After abandoning me from May to August and then complaining about communication from a narcissistic viewpoint is unacceptable.

You terminated a client and let them complain about me without offering a treatment team meeting.

You forced me to move my clients for another therapist due to "conflict" and jeopardized my internship hours.

You forced me to terminate a client then complained to a potential future coworker about how "poorly" I did the job. You also incessantly nagged me about doing this and I waited a very long time as I knew this would be a difficult situation that would probably not end well. I never dreamed that you'd curse about it or "vent" to another employee.

You did not keep any information I told you private especially personal traumas. That alone would have gotten you fired at my other internship site. This is where our trust broke down completely.

I have let my education institution know of these ethical breaches and mishaps. I have recommended that you be investigated and that no interns are sent to you for at least 5-7 years; I hope I can warn others as often as possible to stay away from you all.

This was a horrible experience for me. I have major issues with narcissistic personalities, which is what you have been that I finally see for the last two weeks.

I'm never setting foot in that place without extreme caution. I am getting everything that belongs to me - except of course the promised payment, which stopped in March and was NEVER reinstated. And I will continue to turn people away as often as I can.

I'm not just an intern.