To everyone that thinks 13 reasons why is a joke:

Subject: To everyone that thinks 13 reasons why is a joke:
From: a depression survivor
Date: 17 Apr 2017

About two weeks or so ago, everyone started to rave about a show on Netflix called "13 Reasons Why", which is essentially about a teenager who commits suicide and takes you through her reasoning and why she did it. I read the book which was very good, I am currently watching the Netflix series and am impressed at how well it is mirroring the book. However, with the new show surfacing comes a lot of critiquing, memes, jokes, you name it.

This is NOT something to joke about. Depression and suicide are real, it is not just something that happens in movies are books. Depression takes lives with no turning back. As a woman who suffers from depression, it really upsets me seeing ignorant memes and comments on Facebook about how people are so dramatic and "Welcome to your tape".

It doesn't surprise me that people make fun of basically anything that walks, but to take a disease that is only really curable via medicine, therapy, etc. and make it seem like a joke makes me feel like something is wrong with me. That just because you have depression means you'll end up hurting yourself. I am embarrassed by the posts I see and wish they would stop.

Praying for better days.