Subject: Desire
From: An attraction
Date: 23 Oct 2021

Me: "Your being aggressive today, maybe I'll be aggressive towards you."

Him: "Oh yeah? Tell me how. Tell me what you'd do."

Me: "What I'd do? Well for starters I'd like to climb over this seat and straddle you... lower myself down, grab your face and get so close to yours you'd be able to feel my breath on your lips. Locking eyes, I'd move my mouth closer to yours, pull back and then move closer again... never touching but getting so close that yours would tremble with anticipation of what would happen if I did. Of course while I'm doing this, I'd want to feel your hands tense on my hips, pulling me ever so closer while the need to feel my lips on yours grows. I want to make you breathless with desire and I want your mind so blank you can't think of anything else."

.... Is what I was dying to say. Instead, I sat there and couldn't utter a single word because all I was doing was living a stupid fantasy inside my head. Why do I tease myself this way? I know this desire will never come to fruition because it simply just cannot be but ... a girl can dream. If only you knew the things I want to say to you...the things I'd like to do to you. Oh, I'd get myself in so much trouble if I ever slipped one day. The desire to just be naughty and push the line is always there for me but I know that if I ever crossed that line, it would mean the end. And I quite enjoy your company too much to loose it completely. I'll just have to live with this hidden lust inside me and respect your life as it is. But believe me.... the desire is definitely there and it is here to stay.