Dear World

Subject: Dear World
From: SS
Date: 19 Jun 2016

Dear World,
We have a problem.
Well, we have many problems, and I know we can never make this world perfect, but we should try to make this a world where the future generation don’t look at the world and say “what did our species do to this planet, our people, and our animals?”
Let’s start simple. “Black face” and “Yellow face”. What the hell is that about? Why was it that black and Asian people were unable to play their own roles? Do you actually understand how stupid that sounds to my ears? Read the sentence again, and understand how we came to that.
Why do we still have guns?
And no, don’t give me the excuse that we “need them to protect ourselves”. If no one had guns, then we would not need guns. And then we have people saying the knives could still be used. You cannot fire a knife at someone and it hit them at such a high speed that they suffer the same amount of damage as a straight, clean gunshot wound. Guns are the reason why people like Selena Quintanilla and Tupac Shakur died. Why the mothers of the victims of the Orlando Massacre are now grieving. Or why in wars it is so much easier to kill someone.
Why should it be easy to kill someone? Why would we want to kill anybody in the first place?
It is natural to want to hurt somebody when they have made you suffer, but it is not natural to keep that in. It is natural to recover.
Look at what is going on right now, with trying to find a new home, Mars, for humans. Do you really expect humans to live on another planet in which they even understand it at all, all while we are slowly destroying our planet?
From that alone, we don’t even deserve to live on another planet.
What do you want to do, go planet hopping until we destroy the whole of the Solar System?
It’s sad that people can put money over their mind. Why is it that the most loving thing to do becomes the one thing that makes our lives financially harder?
I remember that little boy, Alan Kurdi, who tragically ended up washed ashore to have the man carry him away. That image has never left me and it never will. How could we let that happen?
Why do humans have the desire to kill their own species? As far as I know, animals do not kill their own, but rather have a fierce protection their kind. Many atrocities will have labels, and rightly so, but even before all those labels, is one very important thing that the headlines seem to miss.
How can we kill our own species? Shouldn’t it stop right there, before we even get into any debate about what colour the person was, or what sexuality, or religion? We can add so many reasons and labels to things that have happened, but it is sad that humans kill humans.
Don’t these people see that the reason we have so many problems is do with the desires of the heart? The desire to conquer, to make as much money as possible, to have a massive home...all this is well and good if we want to provide for our future generation and make sure the people we love don’t struggle when we pass away. Most of the problems that have been caused in this world are due to the faults of our ancestors.
Slavery has left a very big impact on the people of today. Black people are still stereotyped as lazy, stupid and uneducated, even though they HAVE proved that they DESERVE to be treated with respect. Like people say, the mental scars will take a long time to heal.
Another example: imperialism. For those who do not know what this means, it is the desire to conquer land. This is the reason why so many countries are suffering: they have had to tie the knots that have been severed because of the actions of other people. Why did it have to take two horrific world wars for people to realise that colonising countries is wrong?
Then, we have greed. I guess greed kind of sums up everything I have said so far.
People use the excuse that other countries have done this and this and that it “is necessary” that we use lethal force to stop such and such a person. When really all they want is their resources, but don’t feel obligated to ask, because they feel the whole world belongs to them.
Murders, wars, and other events have primarily been caused by greed. Kaiser Wilhelm’s hunger for colonies was the driving force that sent Europe (and the rest of the world) spiralling downhill.
But maybe, let’s look a bit deeper than that?
What caused him to do such a thing? I think it is partly due to the fact that he felt left out from his cousins the Tsar of Russia, and the King of England. If he had been a little more included, felt more accepted, maybe he wouldn’t have shown his anger in the face of imperialism and militarism.
My point is, not being nice to someone can set off a huge chain of uncontrollable events that some people pay for with their lives.
If we want to secure the safety of the next and future generations, then we need to make sure that we do not cause any more damage to this planet, or ourselves.
Humans are by far the most despicable species on this planet, and anyone who doesn’t believe that...did you not take a history class?
It seems that the truth hurts, especially for humans.
Look what we have done in past!
We have enslaved people for the colour of their skin, murdered people because of their sexuality, made at least almost two ethnic groups extinct (the Native Americans, and Aboriginal Australians), murdered a race because they simply weren’t liked, we kill animals for fun, we have famous people who teach young people that the only way you will be heard in this world is to be naked and not to use their voices, and I could go on and on, but I won’t.
Do I think you will not care? No.
I think you will not care ENOUGH to change.
I am not here to condemn, but to make sure you understand how backwards as a species we are becoming, because there is a lot we have done that we need to correct.
People do not care about things in the world unless it affects them, and that is the simple truth.
Like I said before, we have a problem, and if we don’t figure it out, there will be no “we” anymore.